‘Teen Wolf’ recap: ‘Anchor’

On Monday night’s midseason return episode of Teen Wolf “Anchor,” we watch as Scott, Stiles, and Allison are suffering deep side effects from the ritual sacrifice they put themselves through to save their loved ones, while Sheriff Stilinksi looks through old cases with opened eyes.

The episode began with Stiles tossing and turning in his bed. When he opens his eyes we see him frantically trying to get out of a locker inside the Beacon Hills High School locker room. Walking down the hallway he comes across an open classroom door, inside is the nemeton (the tree stump from the [“Lunar Eclipse”] episode). As he goes to touch it a vine reaches out and grabs him, this is when he is rattled awake in his bed. As he wakes up Lydia is by his side asking if he’s alright, Stiles realizing this is weird asks Lydia “what are you doing here?” The bedroom door is slowly creaking open and Stiles goes to close it because he’s afraid they might get in, while Lydia is begging him to leave it alone. Stiles then is transported back to the forest where the nemeton is. Large lights flash on and Stiles tells himself this is just a dream and to get it out of his head, and to WAKE UP!

He opens his eyes and the sun is shining and his dad tells him to get ready for school.

Stiles and Scott are now discussing his previous nights dream as they walk into school. Stiles tells him that it felt like his body was paralyzed, like his mind has not yet woken up and it terrifies him. Stiles thinks that what they did as a sacrifice has anything to do with the dreams. As they proceed into class Stiles tells Scott it’s being more and more difficult for him to know what’s real.

At this point now Stiles is screaming as he is waking up out of bed as if awoken from a horrible nightmare. Making Stiles even more concerned with trying to figure out what’s real life.

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Meanwhile now as Scott is getting ready for school he catches a glance of his shadow. His shadow now looks like a werewolf, claws and all even though he isn’t transformed.

Just as he opens the door Isaac is outside asking Scott about Allison. Wanting to clear the weird air. Both are unsure how to handle the situation. Scott says he’s not mad but Isaac doesn’t believe it. He is asking Scott if he wants to hit him, thinking this will make Scott feel better about the situation between him and Allison. Scott then asked is he and Allison kissed he said no, but then asked Isaac if he wanted to kiss Allison and he answered “oh yeah, totally”… this is when Scott proceeded to throw Isaac against the wall.

Stiles is now up and not dreaming, he comes across a book where the title seems all scrambled. We see Sheriff Stilinski holding a box of files that say “Sheriff’s Station DO NOT REMOVE.”

We catch up with Allison now as she proceeding to school. As she heads down the elevator the doors open up to an abandoned hospital. When Allison begins to walk down the hallway in the distance behind her we can see a figure flash by. She then enters what seems to be a morgue where the name on one of the boxes read Kate Argent. Allison begins to have flashbacks of her aunt the good and the bad. She opens it and it looks empty, then all of a sudden a female comes racing down the tunnel. Allison quickly closes it and dashes out of the room, where she ends up pushing through the doors of Beacon Hills High School.

Scott still dealing with the werewolf shadow is running around trying to avoid it when he runs into Stiles. Lydia and Allison walk up and find the two boys are discussing the weird things that are happening. Lydia is now relieved to now not be the crazy one. They all agree to look out for each other.

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As classes commence Kira (played by Arden Cho), the new history teacher’s daughter catches Scott’s eye. But the weirdness continues throughout the day for Scott, Stiles and Allison.

Scott’s scary werewolf shadow is growing. Allison is on edge, shaky and not able to concentrate, having flashbacks to her aunt Kate. While Stiles seems to not be able to see things correctly. He begins seeing symbols on his locker he doesn’t recognize.

At the site and sound of Kira in the hallway Scott begins to turn alpha. His eyes are glowing red and his fangs are emerging. Not knowing how to control his changing new role he doesn’t know what’s going to happen if he turns full werewolf. He knows to stop it he must hurt himself to get back to normal. Scott explains to Stiles that pain makes him human. Stiles admits to Scott everything’s just getting worse for him too. In his dreams Stiles explains that he can’t read. But for the last couple of days Stiles admits he’s having trouble reading, especially now in the classroom they are in, the letters are all scrambled.

To get Allison back to normal Lydia suggests that Allison do some archery practice. With an un-steady hand she isn’t having any luck. Trying to relax and take a breather Allison sees a woman running through the forest. She goes searching for her and begins to hear voices. She is then transported to the dead of night and a scary dead Kate looks like she’s coming closer. As Allison draws her bow and arrow she is brought back to reality just as the arrow is about to hit Lydia. Just a millisecond before hitting Lydia Isaac is there to stop the arrow.

We now reconnect with Isaac and Scott and he explains to him what happened with Allison. Scott goes onto question why Isaac was even there in the first place…needless to say this ends in Scott throwing Isaac against the wall for a second time today.

Stiles meets back up with his dad at the police station and sees the work he’s up to. Earlier we saw the Sheriff making a large map connecting dates with pictures of victims from cold cases. One picture that stuck out in particular was of a young girl with the name Malia Tate. Now coming from a new illuminated perspective Sheriff Stilinski is now sifting through old cold cases. One case in particular he can’t get out of his head is a car accident from eight years ago. When a car was driven off the road into a deep ditch that wasn’t recovered until three days later. The two bodies in the car that were found were covered in bites and slashes the third was never found, Malia. The accident happened on a full moon and he thinks that case has something to do with the super natural he now knows of.

Stiles is back as school now and a girl is sitting in his seat, she signs something to him and he just lets it go because he doesn’t understand the sign language. He then looks around and it’s dead silent. He sees Coach at the front of the room and he too begins to sign to Stiles. The same phrase over and over again, then soon the whole class begins to do that same thing. A harsh ringing awakens Stiles back to reality of his class as Coach is trying to ask Stiles a question. A concerned Scott looks at him and he reassures Scott he was just sleeping. Scott tells him he wasn’t asleep and signals towards his notebook. Stiles looks down and on the page over and over again are the words WAKE UP

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We now are catching up with Lydia, Scott, Stiles, Allison and Isaac as they are trying to figure out what’s happening to them. Scott admits to seeing things, Stiles admits he can’t tell what’s real or not and Allison says she’s being haunted by demonic visions of dead relatives.

Kira, the new girl, comes over and offers an answer – Bardo (Tibetan word) literally meaning in-between state, the state between life and death. In Bardo she explains there are different progressive states and everything they are experiencing are apart of it. The last progressive state would be death though.

Scott and Stiles meet up with Deaton to discuss what happened when they went under. He says their subconscious is trying to communicate with them. The sign language from earlier when Stiles was in his hallucination Deaton tells them it means “When is a door is not a door”… the answer Scott says is when it’s ajar. Deaton goes onto explain the riddle means that when they all crossed over, they went from from one consciousness to a sort of super consciousness they all opened a door in their minds. The door now is still open.. i.e. ajar. He doesn’t know how to fix it but knows that this door open in their minds is not good and they each must try to close their doors as soon as possible.

As they leave the animal clinic Sheriff Stilinski asks for Scotts help, in the cold case he was trying to solve. He thinks that a werewolf caused the accident and dragged the missing girls body away. He wants Scott to try and find her so he can catch who did it, even if it was supernatural.

The sheriff is now at the house of the man who lost his family in the car accident, bringing along Scott and Stiles to try and snoop around to catch a scent but due to the dog Scott isn’t able to pick one up. The widowed man asked the Sheriff to not open up the case again as a murder for him after eight years of dealing with it as an accident. Sheriff Stilinski realized he may have pushed too hard but it’s only because we find out that he may no longer be sheriff of Beacon Hills soon.

We catch back up to Scott at his house as Scott is arguing with his father, FBI Agent McCall. He argues to Scott he is just trying to do his job. He is there to conduct a case for impeachment, due to Sheriff Stilinski’s inability to close cases and lack of resolution. Scott’s mom is there as the heated fight continues between Scott and his dad. As Scott gets more angry his werewolf Alpha self starts to come out and Scott and his mom must now deal with it.

Scott try’s his old trick of anger to control himself but its no longer works now because he doesn’t have Allison. He has no anger—Allison was his anger he says. His mom advises him to be his own anger, which prevents him from going full alpha.

In motherly sage advise she tells Scott that he will fall in love more than once and it will happen again. It will all be as extraordinary, painful, and blissful as the first time but until then he must be his own anger.

Scott then bursts through Stiles bedroom door to alert him they are going on the hunt for a dead body.

Now we see Allison and Isaac hooking up. Lights are off and clothes are coming off. Allison is asking Isaac if he talked to Scott about the situation and Isaac kind of avoids a yes or no answer. He says Scott has moved on and that Allison should too. And just as things are about to get going Allison sees something around Isaacs’s neck. Then as he reaches up to grab it she sees her aunt Kate behind Isaac asking Allison to help kill him together. Just as Kate twists the rope to kill Isaac a dagger shows up in Allison’s hands. Just as Isaac is about to die she is stirred awake but find the dagger from the dream to be in her hands.

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Stiles and Scott are now trekking through the forest. They go back to the site of the car crash where Malia’s family was found and the car is still there. Scott and Stiles are able to pull out a baby doll and as they do they see glowing eyes in the forest. Scott runs after what seems like a dog/wolf. As he gets closer to the animal the eyes change colors and he asks if she’s Malia. The animal runs away.

The last scene cuts to a bunch of bloody tools laid out on a table which a shirtless Peter and Derek are chained to a fence. They’re being electrocuted and tortured. We don’t really know what happened but Derek points out it was Peter’s fault. And the lights continue to flicker as an unknown person electrocutes them.

Holy COW! is all I have to say from this season opener was surprised I didn’t lose my mind. I felt like I was constantly thrown for a loop as each person awake from their hallucination. I think the biggest OMG moment for me happened in the beginning when Lydia was shown in bed with Stiles…… only to be a dream of Stiles. I mean I would’ve accepted the fact that they were together now!

This episode brought a new character Kira into Beacon Hills High School. She seems like she knows a little bit more about Scott and his whole wolf situation than she lets on. So it should be interesting to see what role she plays this season. I also sense a new love interest for Scott, since he’s trying to get over Allison.

The little daydream that Allison had though of Isaac and her hooking up says wonders of who she’s thinking about. I am kind of rooting for this duo, I think they would look great together, plus Isaac has this funny witty charm to his character and I would like for him to get a love interest.

We also bring back Scott’s dad into the picture. We aren’t told much about the past of Scott and his father we just know they aren’t on the best terms. I’m hoping we get some flashbacks to the past about what happened between them.

I am really excited though to see how the twins from the previous season are going to fit into the new plot lines and where their allegiances stand. Are thye going to be apart of Scott’s pack? Also interested in finding out what happened to Derek and Peter during their time away from Beacon Hills?

All I can say is that the rest of season 3 is something to look forward to.

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