Top 10 Dave Matthews Band singles

The Dave Matthews Band has been around for years, they have been selling out stadiums every summer and playing for thousand of fans night after night all around the globe.

Even though Dave Matthews Band has experienced many highs, including Grammy nominations, sold out tours, the band has also experienced many hardships. LeRoi Moore, saxophonist and founding member of the Dave Matthews Band, died at the age of 46 and left a large gap in the band both personally and musically. After some time the band went back into the studio and record, Big Whiskey and the Groogrux King. That record honored LeRoi and the fans that missed him so much. is counting down the top ten Dave Matthews Band singles. From their more recent chart topping hits like, “You and Me” and to classics like “Where Are You Going,” and “Crush” Dave Matthews Band is a jam band for the ages.

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10. You and Me

One of the most popular songs featured on Big Whiskey and the Groogrux King and became a critically acclaimed hit and an instant fan favorite.

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9. Everyday

When Dave Matthews Band released the video for this single, it became a viral success with fans that had never heard of the band and their jam band style of music.

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8. Where Are You Going

Featured in the film, Mr. Deeds, this heartfelt ballad showed a sincere and honest side to the jam band instead of their normal upbeat longer singles.

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7. Funny The Way It Is

The first single off of, Big Whiskey and the Groogrux King, this song got the attention of fans and connected fans who had been mourning the loss of Moore. The band had played tribute songs at many of their live shows in honor of their fallen member, but this album felt like he had been reaching down and guiding the band every step of the way.

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6. The Space Between

One of the more emotional songs written by Dave Matthews and crew was, “The Space Between.” The lyrics had a haunting element and highlighted Matthews’s unique vocal range.

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5. Crush

Back in 1998, the band released, Before These Crowded Streets, which featured many hits for the band including this fan favorite.

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4. Stay (Wasting Time)

Also featured on the 1998 album, Before These Crowded Streets was “Stay (Wasting Time)” which has historical meaning to the band and fans. When musicians many generations form now look back in time and study jam bands, this song will come up.

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3. Ants Marching

This is the song that can get fans dancing and in full excitement mood at live concerts. These are the type of songs that connect the band with fans in a way that keep them coming back to venues year after year. Fans don’t forget a Dave Matthews Band concert and are constantly chasing that feeling until the next live show.

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2. So Much To Say

Another upbeat single from Dave Matthews Band, this song features the unique tongue twisting lyrics that the band is known for and can make every member of the audience at live shows dance.

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1. Crash Into Me

The song that most people know the band for is also one of their best ever. “Crash” takes on new life at every live performance and has found a special place in the hearts of fans. Most people can remember their first concert and hearing this song live, it is a moment that forms a person’s musical history.

The band will most likely be making music for many more years to come, but “Crash” will forever be a moment in musical time for fans that is nothing less than perfection.

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