Top 10 Female music collaborations

The music industry is teeming with female talent, and the competition between lady artists has become fierce. While female music is on the rise, we see different styles, sexy videos, and unstoppable ferocity. Despite the usual dramatic reports, our favorite female artists aren’t necessarily at each other’s throats. From time to time, we get a taste of some artist alliance from the leading ladies in the music industry, and may we say it’s extremely indulgent.

Powerful female collaborations and duets have been boasting the radio and web for years. The trend of taking two talents and creating a musical masterpiece will never go out of style. As we approach a new year of new music, we look forward to the upcoming works of multiple styles and genres. Take a minute and explore the endless excitement we’ve been lucky enough to experience in the world of female music collaborations. Here’s a sample of 10 marvelous musical collaborations from top female performers.

10) Eurythmics and Aretha Franklin

Sisters singing about female liberation, how fun! The video has historical highlights that track the progress of the female state and you’ve gotta love the ‘80s sounding musical style that this song celebrates.

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9) Whitney Houston & Mariah Carey, “When You Believe”

Whitney and Mariah have a beautiful vocal chemistry and this uplifting performance highlights both the singers raw vocal talent. You’ll have goosebumps by the end of this song, and don’t be afraid to dust off your copy of The Prince of Egypt.

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8) Beyonce & Lady Gaga, “Video Phone”

Baddie Bey and Lady Gaga are fun and super fabulous in this unstoppable number. The extremely artistic duo were a surprisingly superb combo in their first collaboration.

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7) Shakira & Rihanna, “I Can’t Remember to Forget You”

The latest fierce female collaboration between Rihanna and Shakira brings on new levels of sexy, sultry, powerhouse vocals. The two distinct sounding singers suit each other musically. Shakira’s newest single on her upcoming album gives us a taste of that unstoppable Latin American pop fusion that we love so much.

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6)Shakira & Beyonce, “Beautiful Liar”

The flawlessness in the dancing and hairstyling alone in this video is enough for me, throw in the vocal stylings of two drop dead gorgeous divas to really bring this collaboration to an awe-inducing level.

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5) Barbra Streisand & Donna Summer, “No More Tears”

The ballad belting Babs goes disco with Donna Summer, and I wish I knew about it sooner. This duet is a dream. Enough is enough! Add this to your dance playlist right now.

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4) Lady Gaga & Beyoncé, “Telephone”

Queen B and Lady G are at it again. Both ladies are symbols of feminine fearlessness and together they could basically run the music industry. “Telephone” is a cinematic music video adventure.

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3) Britney Spears and Madonna, “Me Against the Music”

“Me Against the Music” is simply amazing. Britney and Madonna together is pure magic, and the music video is incredible. This duet is the definition of blonde ambition. Hey Britney, can we get another Madonna collab soon? We’re ready to dance all night long.

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2)Brandy and Monica, “The Boy is Mine”

This soulful, sassy, duet of the ‘90s is one of my personal favorites. Brandy and Monica’s musical feud is fun and fierce. Take a minute and appreciate the nostalgic ‘90s fashions in the video. I’d also like to raise question to who in the world was able to capture the hearts of both Brandy and Monica? I’d like to meet him.

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1)Christina Aguilera, Lil’ Kim, Mya, Pink, “Lady Marmalade”

“Lady Marmalade” was an anthem of the early 2000’s. The unstoppable vocal talent showcased in this song, the elaborate costuming, and the magnificent film, Moulin Rouge that it was associated with were enough to make this hit a fan favorite.

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