Top 10 Golden Globes Shocking Moments

When it was announced that Tina Fey and Amy Poehler would once again be hosting the Golden Globes most viewers squealed while others prepared a good seat and some popcorn for the jokes that would be made. Award shows are no strangers to shocking moments. So after last year’s reference to Taylor Swift’s dating life, low blows and hilarious jokes were on the checklist.
Beginning at 8 p.m. Fey and Poehler graced the stage as women in fine gowns often do. Two minutes in the two ladies made sure viewers did not forget the comedic activists they happen to be. An opening monologue guaranteed that the two ladies would be back to offer an input on any random events of the night. Luckily leaving the viewers in shock was not a responsibility only the hosts had to bear.
A possibly tipsy Sean Combs, Emma Thompson’s missing shoes, and Melissa McCarthy’s transformation into Matt Damon were only a few of the notable events of the Golden Globes…minus the award winners.
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10. Jon Voight’s Nervousness
Actor Jon Voight has been around since the days of seeing Jennifer Lopez in a movie regularly. After starring in movies such as The Rainmaker and Mission: Impossible, it can easily be assumed that Voight is a veteran in the movie game afraid of no camera nor audience. Yet, as he took the stage he mentioned how nervous he was in front of the gathering of people.
While this is not a major shocking moment of the show, it was a moment that made viewers realize even those that have been on the screen for years have fearful moments of public speaking.

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9. Emma Thompson and the Missing Heels
Emma Thompson’s random bursts of humor are no surprise to fans of her work. That being said, when she walked unto to the stage as a presenter barefoot holding her shoes, it was hard not to laugh.
It was when Thompson threw her shoes to the other side of the stage to read the winner’s name on the golden envelope that was shocking; right before it was hilarious.

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8. Amy Poehler Makes Out with Bono
Poehler paired with Fey is a duo asking for trouble. But get one alone and there will still be some comedic havoc. It became even more noticeable after Poehler won a Golden Globe for her show Parks and Recreation. While the nominees were being shown on screen, Poehler was shown taking a seat on Bono’s lap. It was when it was announced that she was the winner that she planted a big one right on his lips. Both had a good laugh, making it just one of the memorable moments of the show.

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7.Matt Damon is Secretly garbage man
Ready to describe just one of the films being nominated for a Golden Globe, Matt Damon first made sure to address a joke made by Poehler and Fey where he was referred to as a garbage person by walking on the stage and calling himself a garbage man. It was a funny moment that showed the best actors still have a great sense of humor.

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6. Tina Fey’s Long Lost Son
After Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick welcomed their daughter as Miss Golden Globe, they were swiftly interrupted by Fey wanting to “make the show equal” by adding a Mister Golden Globe as well. One thing leads to another, and suddenly Poehler is on the stage looking like a Justin Bieber gone wrong. Searching for a father to stay with besides Fey, the character approaches different male actors close to stage including Idris Elba.
It was a fun, unexpected moment that showed just how unpredictable the show can get at any moment.

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5. Seth Meyers Gives it all
Seth Meyers has been spreading his name in the world of comedy for quite some time now. So seeing him walk on the stage with a smirk already on his face prepared viewers for what was next. The comedian then begin to explain how the solution to winning a Golden Globe was finally revealed: doing any and everything with whomever it takes to make it to the top. Barely able to keep in a smile, Meyers looked straight into the camera and offered his body for an award. It was randomly golden.

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4. Silly Diddy
Sean “Diddy” Combs keeps finding his way to different award shows. Combining the star with Usher and Kate Beckinsale seemed a bit odd at first, but after giggling on stage and saying “let it flow” a few times to the winners, it was obvious either Combs was fully prepared to take over the show.

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3. Melissa McCarthy is Secretly Matt Damon
This just in from Jimmy Fallon, Melissa McCarthy had a sandbag dropped on her head after heroically saving another backstage. Luckily, McCarthy survived, but she now thinks that she is Matt Damon. Be warned.
Damon took the joke as every other viewer did: with a good laugh. The random moment was just needed in the swirl of serious speeches and films that were being discussed and came as a shocker to anyone willing to believe McCarthy’s impersonation of Damon’s point and wink.

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2. Leonardo DiCaprio’s Lady Business
Leonardo DiCaprio has been charming women’s hearts everywhere since his role as Jack Dawson in Titanic 20 years later, and DiCaprio still has what it takes to make the ladies scream. Fey made sure not to fail to mention the fact by saying before DiCaprio took the stage, “And now, like a supermodel’s vagina, let’s all give a warm welcome to Leonardo DiCaprio.”
Perfectly planned and completely unexpected, even DiCaprio had to walk on the stage with a smirk on his face.

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1. Shia LaBeouf’s Appearance
Shia LaBeouf’s recent social media hiatus wasn’t much of a shocker after the star began plagiarizing others and getting into Twitter fights with Lena Dunham. What was shocking? Watching Jim Carrey take the stage and take a funny jab at the current situation by crediting LaBeouf with a quote he obviously did not create. It was just what the show needed: a little shocking laughter after some serious moments.

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