Top 10 Modern ‘Doctor Who’ Companions

Companions are characters that travel with and/or share adventures with the Doctor in the popular BBC science fiction show, Doctor Who. For 50 years, companions have worked their way into audience’s hearts. From 1963 through to the 2005 revival series, the Doctor has had a number of companions that have played important roles. They have become the Doctor’s friends and not only keep him company, but provide knowledge, alternate perspectives, and help the Doctor on his often dangerous journeys. During these journeys, they grow as people and help the Doctor grow himself. Some companions are more beloved than others, but they all hold an important place in the series. They also provide the point-of-view of the audience, as they are humans discovering new worlds and time travel. Here is a top ten list of the companions in the modern Doctor Who series, also known as “New Who.”

This article may contain spoilers for viewers that have not seen the modern series in its entirety.

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