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January 06 22:59 2014

Sometimes a movie or person comes along that attracts a group of people to obsess over them. These groups of people are called fandoms. Some fandoms are popular enough to make it into the news and get group names. Others are simply known as fans and are faceless twitter followers or names on an email list for a fan club. These are the biggest fans.

While there is no original fandom, they come in all different shapes and sizes. Between the Team Jennifer [Aniston] and Team Angelina [Jole] T-shirts or The Beatles craze, fans can be as crazy or creative as they want to be. But one thing is for sure, these fans are dedicated to their idol, no matter what.

Recently, a trend has made it easier to become part of a fan group. There are fan groups on Twitter, who follow their idols every tweet. There are fan groups on fan websites, where they can talk about how much they love their idol. There are fan groups that even hold conventions to celebrate the one thing that they have in common.

From Red Roomers to Warsies, there are always going to be fandoms. Here are the ten most powerful. If you belong to one of those fandoms, be sure to tell me why you think yours is the best. And if you aren’t on the list, tell me why you should be.

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10. Star Trek fans: Trekkies or Trekkers

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These Star Trek fans are out of this world. They are so unique that there are two levels of Star Trek fans. If you were to ask a Star Trek fan expert, they would explain a Trekkie as someone who worships Star Trek relentlessly and a Trekker is someone who likes Star Trek but isn’t a crazy obsessed fan, or at least that is what a Trekker would say about themselves.

The characters on The Big Bang Theory are Trekkers. Some of the Star Trek characters have made appearances and Sheldon (Jim Parsons) gets an Leonard Nimoy autographed napkin for Penny (Kaley Cuoco). Sheldon has an on-and-off rivalry with, Star Trek: The Next Generation star, Will Wheaton, who plays himself. Also, instead of playing rock-paper-scissors, the characters play rock-paper-scissors-lizard-Spok. Watch below for a demonstration.

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9. Taylor Swift fans: Swifties

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If you meet someone who doesn’t like Joe Jonas, Harry Styles and John Mayer, there is a 70% chance that they are a Swiftie. These fans are protective of their idol and when somebody hurts her, they hurt the entire group.

These fans could possible be seen with Selena Gomez fans Selenators. Also, they’re probably humming one of Swift’s obscure songs such as I Heart ? or All Too Well.

These Swifties are also willing to pay about large amounts of money to get meet-and-greet passes with the singer. And, they try to bring the coolest posters or shirts at concerts in order to get invited into Swift’s T-party backstage room. At concerts, these Swifties not only know all of the words by heart but have also figured out the story behind each one of them.

It is unknown exactly who made up the fandom name but, as the name suggests, I believe that all of her fans are both dedicated and fast.

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8. Star Wars fans: Warsies

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A long long time ago…. Before Twilight and Harry Potter, there was Star Wars. These fans, Warsies, appreciate the classic movie and everything that stems from it. They obviously own every Star Wars movie and maybe even the most recent animated ones. And, to be a Warsie, you do not have to own action figures or obsess over it. The Warsies are a kind fandom. They are welcome.

Dressing up like Star Wars characters is very common at Comic Con for these Warsies. There are plenty of Luke and Leia costumes running around and an occasional Yoda.

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The most recent discussion that the Warsies have had is whether or not Disney will give their favorite movies justice. Are we going to see Princess Leia with a pink lightsaber? Will Star Wars become a musical? It is very troubling for a Warsie to think that the drastic changes would happen.

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7. Fifty Shades of Grey fans: Red Roomers

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Red Roomers named themselves after the “Red Room of Pain” which is throughout each of the Fifty Shades books. The “Red Room of Pain” is where Christian Grey takes Ana to do their BDSM (bondage, discipline, sadism and masochism) activities.

Fifty Shades of Grey started out as a book deemed “mommy porn,” in which women would read the book in secret. As the book has became more mainstream, the Red Roomers started to really admit that they loved it. Being called the Red Roomers is just ambiguous enough that these fans can hide their admiration because, the only other people that would know about the red room are other Red Roomers.

These Fifty Shades fans are relentless. When the Twilight fan fiction story became a book, it brought a new group of fans. The Red Roomer are responsible for a large outrageous about the casting for the Fifty Shades movie.

The most passionate fans felt that Dakota Johnson was not right for the lead role and started and campaign to convince producers to cast a different actress. It was unsuccessful.

The Red Roomers often have to debate others about whether Fifty Shades of Grey is a knockoff of the vampire novels or if it is truly a unique piece of work that needs to be appreciated.

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6. Harry Potter fans: Potterheads

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After seven books and eight movies, it is no surprise that Harry Potter has collected a large fandom. On the popular fan fiction website,, Harry Potter is the most written about fandom beating out hundreds of others.

These Potterheads have obviously chosen which house at Hogwarts they belong in. They have read the books and watched the movies. They know the Harry Potter spells and went to Universal Studio’s Wizarding World of Harry Potter and drank the butter beer and stood in line to get a wand chosen for them.

One thing to remember about these Harry Potter fans is that they are in it for the long run. Loving Harry Potter isn’t a fad. It’s a life choice.

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5. Hunger Games fans: Tributes

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“I volunteer as tribute!” The line in the Hunger Games book and film is where these fans got their name. After Prim is chosen to be part of the Hunger Games, Katniss, her older sister, volunteers to go in her place. And, spoiler alert, she wins the games and everybody (including the fans) loves her.

The one thing about these Tributes is that most of them were fans before the movie. We’ll just call them a hipster fandom. If you ask if they liked the movie, they’re make sure that you know that they read the book before the movie got all of the attention.

Do not confuse these fans for Jennifer Lawrence fans. Some of them believe that the Oscar-winning actress was miscast as their beloved Katniss. She wasn’t thin or tan enough to play the starving, olive skinned protagonist. Others think that she is a wonderful Katniss.

There is a mix decision between these Hunger Games Tributes, some believe that Katniss and Gale belong together, others believe that Katniss and Peeta are meant to be and then there are some that believe that Katniss doesn’t need a man. I’m not going to tell you what happens at the end but, two of these groups are very disappointed.

There are two more movies because the final book of the trilogy is going to be split into two parts. Mockingjay Part 1 and Mockingjay Part 2 are going to bring in even more Tributes. However, these new-age Tributes are fans of the movie. But, as the original Tributes will point out, the new ones aren’t true fans. Confused yet?

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4. Dr. Who fans: Whovians

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Whovians are fans of the BBC television program Dr. Who. Who exactly is this Dr. Who? Who is Who? Or is it Who is Whom? Dr. Who is known as the Doctor. He is a Time Lord- a human-like alien that travels the universe in his TARDIS, a time traveling spaceship that is shaped like a blue British police box.

Whovians have a unique fan activity called fanzines, homemade magazines discussing the series with hand drawn pictures. Normally they are copied and handed out to other Whovians. However, recently, these fanzines have been adapted to become websites and podcasts.

There are multiple Dr. Who conventions where Whovians come together and talk about how much they love the Doctor. I can only assume that they read fanzines while they are there. There are fan organizations as well.

The actor who plays the Doctor has changed many times. Because the Doctor is an alien, he can just switch bodies. These Whovians have picked out their favorite Doctor. Most recently, the 11th Doctor, Matt Smith, left the Doctor to Peter Capaldi. The Whovians are still debating on whether or not that was a good idea.


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3. Lady Gaga fans: Little Monsters

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Lady Gaga fans, Little Monsters, seem to be the most accepting. While Lady Gaga herself is known for promoting love and tolerance for the LGBT community. She started the Born This Way Foundation to help those who were bullied because of their sexual orientation or anything else.

The Little Monsters are acceptable to almost everyone. But, if you say anything poor about their Mother Monster, it is bad news. The Little Monsters are known for tweeting death threats and sending hateful messages to anyone who critiques their Mother Monster. When their Mother Monster is bullied the Little Monsters act like…Little Monsters.

Most recently, when Kelly Osbourne called Lady Gaga fat, the Little Monsters pounced on her. There were hateful messages and overall negative behavior on the Little Monster side.

This Little Monsters are appreciated. Lady Gaga has written songs for them and always talks about how proud she is to have fans like those. Of all of the fandoms on the list, the Little Monsters seem to be the most loved by their idol. These Little Monsters were even honored as Gaga tattooed “Little Monsters” on her arm.

look what i did last night.
little monsters forever, on the ... on Twitpic

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2. One Direction fans: Directioners

Harry. Nial. Liam. Louis. Zayn.

Five boys that caused a frenzy. Is it their accents? Is it their tattoos? Is it that they got their big break on a reality show? Is it their boyish looks? Whatever it is, these five boys make up One Direction- a band that has plenty of Directioners to follow them anywhere.

One Direction got their start on The X Factor. While they didn’t win the competition, they did win the hearts of millions of people across the globe. In the past three years, they have released three albums that have burned up the charts.

Their Directioners compare them to *NSYNC and other boy bands. If so, that begs the question, who will be the “Justin Timberlake” of the group? Who will be the breakout star that makes millions and leaves in history?

Or is One Direction more like the Backstreet Boys? Will they fade away together as quickly as they came onto the scene? Time will tell.

Will the Directioners hook onto one of the boys more than the rest? Will there be Zayniacs? Or will these Directioners stay loyal to the group as a whole? Or maybe each one will get a solo career and they can split the Directioners up in five parts. There are plenty of them to go around.

Image Courtesy of Wiki Commons

Nial filmed a large gathering of Directioners outside of his hotel. If this is how it always is for the band, I understand why they have an album titled Up All Night.

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1. Justin Bieber fans: Beliebers

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Beliebers are a very tight knit group. They will defend any crazy action that Bieber does and if one Belieber is in trouble, they will all fight for them. Jimmy Kimmel tested these Beliebers outside of a Bieber concert and they would stand behind him even if he punched his grandma or peed on the American flag. That is dedication.

These Beliebers will insult every other fandom. Beiber has about 48 million followers on twitter, which is a strong Belieber army to take on. Don’t mess with those Beliebers. I put them as number one on this list because I am slightly afraid that, if I didn’t, they would burn my house down.

These fans are mixed on whether or not they want to be nice to Selena Gomez, Beiber’s on-and-off girlfriend. They are torn whether to send her hate mail because she isn’t good enough for him or to be happy for the couple because Justin is happy.

While Bieber does have millions of Beliebers to fight by his side, they must also battle all of the other fandoms on the strongest.

Do you consider yourself to be in any of the fan groups? Which do you think is the best? And if yours isn’t listed, tell me why it should be!



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