Top 10 ‘Parks and Recreation’ moments

January 14 19:03 2014

Parks and Recreation is like fine wine, it only gets better as it ages. Because the NBC show just passed its 100th episode and Amy Poehler received a Golden Globe for her role in the show, we’re taking a look at the comedy’s 10 best moments.

Parks and Rec follows the Parks and Recreation department of the fictional town of Pawnee, Indiana. Leslie Knope (Amy Poehler) is the perfect government employee. She loves her city and works hard to make sure that everyone is happy.

While the show is a comedy, there are heartfelt moments as well. The friendship between Ann Perkins (Rashida Jones) and Leslie has anchored the show. No matter what romantic relationship they are in, Ann and Leslie stay best friends. Their romantic relationships also help define the two.

In the show’s sixth season, Ann is pregnant with Chris Traeger’s (Rob Lowe) baby and they are considering moving away. Leslie is married to Ben (Adam Scott) and is questioning her future after being recalled from the city council. April (Audrey Plaza) and Andy (Chris Pratt) are happy because Andy just returned from working in the UK. Tom (Aziz Ansari) is starting a new business. And Ron (Nick Offerman) and Diane (Lucy Lawless) are expecting a child of their own.

Here are the top ten funniest Parks and Rec moments. Comment your favorite below.

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10. Jerry’s Pants Ripped

Call me immature but, no matter what, farts are always funny. And, throughout the 100 episodes of Parks and Rec, Jerry has had many fart filled, funny moments. Between Jerry’s fart attack (having a heart attack while farting) after being scared on Halloween and him ripping his pants in the conference room, he’s got a couple of funny farts.

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9.Treat Yo Self

It’s the best day of the year for Donna and Tom. It is a day that they spend by themselves. They treat themselves. It is a classic Parks moment. While Tom and Donna are experts at treating themselves, Ben had a pretty good treat himself. Ben bought himself a Batman costume.

Na na na na na… BenMan!

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8.Ben Proposes to Leslie

This was adorable. Ben and Leslie’s romance has been long and sweet. His proposal in their new house after giving up a Washington job is sweet. Typical Leslie made him wait as she tried to wait it out and think about how amazing everything was in her life.

Ben proposal to Leslie was a complete shock to everyone. It was unexpected and nice. He really is the perfect guy for Leslie and his proposal showed that.

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7.Time After Time

April hates Ann. It’s a fact of the show. While April doesn’t like very many people, she especially hates Ann. The hatred goes back to season two when Ann kissed Andy when he was in the hospital, even though Andy liked April.

In this clip, Ann and April final have something in common. They sing “Time After Time” together. It is amazing and fun. It is shocking to see the two getting along. But, it is awesome to see April not being dark and ironic. She is actually singing along.

Though, Donna does steal the show.

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6.The Guys get food poisoning

Because Ben and Leslie are getting married, Ben takes the guys to help him pick a caterer. Since Chris likes vegetables, Ron likes meat and Tom considers himself a “foodie,” Ben chooses them to help. The day after the tasting, the guys come in to work with severe food poisoning.
Well, almost all of the guys.

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5.Block of Sugar

Leslie is known for trying to get Pawnee healthy. She tries to add a soda tax and fights to keep Sweetums from taking over the Parks’ concession stands because their food is so unhealthy. However, on the night of a telethon, she needs to stay awake so Ann gives her bars to keep her awake.

They work very well because of one special ingredient.

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4.April and Andy get married

April and Andy are the most irresponsible of the group. When Ben moved in with them, he found out that they kept their bills in the freezer and didn’t clean. Knowing that, it is no surprise that the two decided to get married out of the blue. This Parks moment isn’t funny. It’s just sweet and adorable.

Who knew that any moment with April could be considered sweet?

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3.Snake Juice

When Tom invented an alcoholic beverage, he tried to get everyone to come to the Snake Hole Lounge to promote it. Everyone loved it and got super wasted. If one thing is true about Parks, it is that the characters are always funny when they are drunk.

As this clip shows, Ron is a pretty decent dancer and Ben is very silly when drunk.

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2.Leslie meets Joe Biden

Leslie loves Joe Biden. She has since the first season. She even put his picture on she and Ben’s unity quilt. Ben, being a great fiancé, used his Washington connections to get Leslie a chance to meet her hero.

Joe Biden is charming and Leslie is completely star-struck. She says that she will take Hilary Clinton’s seat as Secretary of State and that the secret service needs to take care of Biden. Perfection.

Of all of the political cameos in the show, Biden’s takes the cake. Leslie met her hero and that is awesome.

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1.Leslie and Ben Get Married

Because Ben and Leslie can’t wait to get married, they decide to get married at the Gala for the park on the lot. As they try to get married, Councilman Jamm throws sink bombs and ruins it. They end up getting married at the Parks Department.

Plus, who didn’t want to see Jamm get punched in the face?

What’s your favorite Parks and Recreation moment?



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