Vitamin D during pregnancy may increase child’s strength

A new study has found that if mothers consume increased amounts of Vitamin D during pregnancy their children grow up stronger.

Scientists made this discovery, according to The Belfast Telegraph, after observing and recording Vitamin D levels in pregnant women late in their pregnancies.

678 women took part in the Southampton Women’s Survey and it has been published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism.

When the child was four years old, muscle mass and grip strength were measured. Results showed that the higher the mother’s consumption of Vitamin D, the stronger the child’s grip at the age of four.

< ahref=> reported in an article about the new findings that the lead researcher, Dr. Nicholas Harvey, said that these findings in the four year old children may have consequences in later health. Poor muscle strength in young age could lead to diabetes, falls and fractures later in life.

Increasing Vitamin D levels during pregnancy can increase muscle and grip strength at a young age, making it possible for the child to have a healthier life.

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