‘Workaholics’ Recap: ‘Orgazmo Birth’

The boys are back, and they are returning in EDM fashion — literally. From neon dreads to pacifiers, this episode has everything you need to sum up the lifestyle that is Adam, Blake, and Anders.

Workaholics aired its Season 4 premiere Wednesday on Comedy Central, and it doesn’t seem like much has changed. It is no secret that electronic dance music festivals have become quite popular over the years. EDM has made its way into practically every radio song and teenage hearts everywhere. In an attempt to keep their youth and pick up women, the guys decide they want to attend one too and see what all the rave is about. But, they are faced with one problem: they’re broke and festivals aren’t cheap.

Luckily, they have their good friend from the cubicle next door, Montez Walker. Montez spills about his pregnant wife, Colleen, and her moodiness and how he desperately needs to get out of the house. But, the only way Montez can be seen with Adam, Blake, and Ders is if he buys all the tickets.

The plans are seemingly set. We are re-introduced to their drug dealer, Karl, when he brings over some ecstasy for their upcoming ‘trip’. Adam practices his raving dance moves, Ders is fine tuning his DJ skills a.k.a his “Ders effect,” and Blake has carefully concocted his “molly water and strawberry soda.”

Unfortunately, plans fall apart when Montez is forced to stay at his wife’s baby shower. In an attempt to sneak Montez out of the party, we see the three roommates crash the shower and turn the backyard into their own electronic dance floor. When one of the moms accidentally pours Blake’s ecstasy concoction into the skinny girl margarita bowl, the plot unravels and so do the clothes.

Ironically, everyone at the party is rolling except for the three that initiated the whole charade, and Colleen of course. Colleen’s water then breaks and she is in early labor. Adam, Blake, and Ders are the only sober ones and ultimately have to drive her to the nearest pool of water, where she can give her water birth.

The episode ends with a strange and uncomfortable orgasmic birth in a local gym’s jacuzzi. There are spectators and even people sharing the hot tub with Colleen as she delivers. Montez makes it at the last minute, and Adam dramatically dives down to retrieve the newborn, and they all share some weird, divine moment.

I did miss seeing their blonde coworker, Jillian, and the episode did grow progressively weirder. But, it’s Workaholics, and they didn’t coin the phrase “let’s get weird” for nothing.

Image: Comedy Central

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