‘Being Human’ Season 4 Episode 6 “Cheater of the Pack”

Being Human Season 4 Episode 6 “Cheater of the Pack”

This week’s episode brought a series of changes for the roommates.

Josh woke up after his change lying in a field next to Nora. When she turned it over, it was Wendy, Mark’s wife, who he was laying next to. She wasn’t frightened at all, but rather excited that the wolf took over and they gave into its wants. Josh quickly ran to find Nora with the rest of the pack and dismissed their invitations to go to breakfast.

Back at the house Aidan was recovering from his blood binge and in bad shape. As he was rummaging for blood, Josh and Nora returned arguing about not going to breakfast with the pack. All of a sudden the door rang, it was Robby, Sally’s brother, who showed up to tell them they have 30 days to move out or buy the house. The group was shocked and Sally was furious that her brother could do such a thing. Josh and Nora were talking alone about this, and thought they could move out on their own. When they told Aidan and Sally, they freaked out.

Aidan about to go into a blood den, when Suzanna was walking by, and convinced him to leave. She brought him to the bar where she worked and tried to convince him to stop drinking. She gave him a couple shots of blood, to hold him over. In the heat of the moment, they had sex in the bar, then decided he would not drink and she would stop killing vampires. Aidan left the bar, and exchanged looks with a girl, but he left her alone.

Robby was posing as a real estate agent and began to bring people around to look at the house. When the first couple arrived, Sally couldn’t take it, and used a spell to make the house smell like death. They quickly left, and Sally was sent back in time to the first day Sally and Danny moved into the house. Robby was talking to Danny out on the steps, telling him he better treat Sally right, and to not be a jerk. They were arguing, and Danny said she is sick of listening to Robby’s drama. Sally came out and asked Danny to leave them for a minute. She reprimanded Danny, and said to let them be happy. She was then sent to a month after they moved in, and again Danny was being rude to Robby, who was only trying to do the best for his sister. After they argued, Robby went to the basement to confront Sally, but again Sally dismissed him. During this entire time in the past, Sally realized how much her brother really did for her, and how awful she was to him.

Back in the present, Robby was giving a tour to another family with a little boy. He went upstairs to use the bathroom, but heard something coming from the closet in Josh’s room. He went in, and saw a little girl standing in the corner. He ran downstairs with a gash on his head, and the family quickly left the house.

Meanwhile, Josh met with Wendy to tell her not to tell Mark anything about the night they changed. She say she was going to tell him, and that they are progressive people who accept what the wolf wants, but Josh was able to convince her not to tell him yet.

Josh and Nora were back at the house, while Robby was trying to fix the sink, when the lights began to flutter. He went downstairs to work on the pipes. As he was working, the furnace began to leak water, and the table began shaking, being moved by the spirit of the young girl. He was working, but turned around just to see the electric drill fall on the floor into the water that was now surrounding him. He was being electrocuted and the lights upstairs began to flicker, but Josh and Nora didn’t think anything of it.

Josh and Nora were talking about not moving out, especially since he was acting so weird. He was about the tell Nora about the night they changed, but the doorbell rang. Mark busted in, and started beating up Josh. Mark said he can’t believe what happened, and revealed it to Nora. Josh got hit hard and then started to turn into his wolf. He was about to pound Mark, but Nora told him to stop. Mark and Wendy left, and Nora said she couldn’t talk to Josh, she was so disgusted.

Sally was finally brought back to the present, and saw Robby working in the basement. She said that she wants to talk to him so bad, but knows he can’t hear her. Robby then turns to her, and asks what is going on. They both look down to see Robby’s dead body.

The show ended with Aidan lying next to a bed, calling Kenny to help him clean up. They panned out and showed a dead girl on the bed.

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