‘Being Human’ Season 4 Episode 6 “Gallows Humor”

Donna! Donna! Donna! Donna Gilchrist (Amy Aquino) stole the episode last night. In Gallows Humor Sally retrieved Gilchrist from limbo through her death spot. Sally had hoped to bargain or cajole Donna into teaching her a spell to bring Robbie (Jesse Rath) back from death.

Meanwhile, Aidan reached out to Kenny for a clean up of the woman he drained of life. Kenny tried to get Aidan back on the wagon, but Aidan ignored Kenny’s help. Instead he went to Suzanna (Katherine Isabelle) trying to get a blood fix. She knew that he had live blood from someone and killed them. She offered him blood from a container, but it somehow incapacitated Aidan (maybe werewolf blood). When Aidan awoke he was chained to a sink (which was oddly placed in the main bedroom adjacent to the bed). Suzanna tried to make Aidan sober up and recall all his sins. She had hoped that if he said all the names of his victims it would help him be strong and not give into his vampire urges.

During the vampire intervention in Suzanna’s room Aidan began to make a mockery of her efforts. He rattled off names of his victims in a cavalier way. Sam Witwer revealed in a tweet where the names originated from.

While Aidan was being held captive by his wife. Sally was learning more about Donna and her past. ***Spoiler alert ahead, stop reading if you haven’t watched episode***. Sally learned about Donna’s death and how she became a witch. More importantly Sally realized that Donna wasn’t truly evil and had good in her, at times. Robbie was back at the house trying to understand about being a ghost and about doors. But the whole time Nora and Josh were at odds. Nora was being over-the-top passive aggressive and morbidly bleak about a supernatural existence for Robbie. She was emotionally compromised given that Josh’s wolf had relations with another wolf. So Nora was whinny and unhelpful ultimately too Robbie and a pain to Josh.

Sally after using her magic to retrieve Donna was thrust back into time. Donna began to probe Sally, asking how long she had been time traveling and how long were her durations in the past. Donna warned her that magic has a price, and also that too much time travel would eventually destroy the tether to the present. Sally watched Donna’s death by hanging, and learned Donna was accused of being a witch before she ever was one. She learned how Donna was brought back from the dead by a coven and wanted to use the same technique to bring back Robbie. Donna warned her, but offered to help. In a gesture of redemption or closure Donna offered her soul/spirit as sacrifice for the ritual. However, Robbie didn’t want to be revived and ran off. Sally was so upset and Donna consoled her. Donna explained that many people find peace in death and want to be done with such a stressful existence called life. Donna knew that Sally and her brother loved each other. Before Robbie ran off him and Donna had a conversation. She told him that Sally would never give up on him, and Robbie explained he knew and that was why he had to leave.

Donna asked Sally for a favor afterward. Donna asked Sally to send her back to limbo and destroy her death spot. Sally did and they had a heartwarming good-bye. Donna urged her not to use magic after this last time. Sally couldn’t promise but said she would try to be more selective about its use. After completing the spell Sally was thrust back into time. She was watching her self on the night se died! The episode ended!

Below is a sneak peak of the next episode. Sally changes the past, and most certainly the future!

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