Breanna Lynn releases new single ‘Wild Card’

Breanna Lynn,an up and coming talented musician and song writer, has recently released the inspiring single, “Wild Card.”
This pop/rock single has a slow momentum that quickly picks up into the verse and chorus saying, “Struggling with the world to have my say…expectations hold me in place.” It continues to the chorus with lyrics “the world will know my name I guarantee.” Breanna Lynn is able to convey the message that despite everyone expectations, she will not let her obstacles get in her way.
This song is different than others in that it contains a positive message inspired by Breanna Lynn’s personal experiences. She repeats the phrase “Nothing stopping me.” While growing up she was repeatedly bullied for being different than her classmates. Instead of following the crowds, she wrote music and poetry, causing her to be an “outcast.” Since then, Breanna Lynn has used her music to inspire others to fight out against bullying and to stay strong against those who try and stop you.
Besides her music, Breanna Lynn has started anti-bullying campaigns, a non-profit organization, and assemblies to try and stop the activity that haunted her childhood.

Image: Lafamos

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