Congress compromises on debt-ceiling increase

Wednesday marked a miraculous concession between partisan groups when the Senate approved to increase the national debt-ceiling limit through March 2015.
According to Fox News, the bill passed 55-43 in the Senate and 221-201 in the House the day before. The measure did not come without repercussions, causing conflicts among Republicans groups in the House and angering tea party leaders in the Senate. Tea party leader Sen. Ted Cruz was disappointed when his attempt at a 60-count filibuster failed after some Republicans took sides with Democrats to shoot it down.
“In my view, every Republican should stand together against raising the debt ceiling without meaningful structural reforms to rein in our out of control spending.”
CNN reports that any attempts made by Republicans to include spending cuts would be immediately struck down by the Democratic controlled Senate. At the same time, the GOP party could not risk another political backlash like the one they faced after the government shutdown last October. House Leader John Boehner proved instrumental when he allowed the “clean” bill to pass in spite of pressure from conservative groups.
The bill is now expected to be sent to the White House for approval by the President.
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