As a busy mom who is half asleep most of the time, I was delighted to try “Energems”. These are great tasting, little chocolate drops that contain caffeine, vitamin B and a unique blend of energy. They are only 15 calories each and jam packed with energy to help us with our focus and concentration.

I am not a huge fan of energy shots and drinks – mainly because I don’t want to drink the entire thing but this is a great alternative. Also my day involves carrying two backpacks, a purse, work tote bag plus whatever other “fun” things my day involves – dry cleaning, library returns etc. The last thing I want to add is a drink container (also good luck to me remembering it anyhow). Energems are the greatest alternative! Simply stick the little box of gems right in your bag or pocket just like you would do with gum or mints. One serving is 3 gems and equivalent to an energy drink. There are 9 gems (3 servings) per box. It is not recommended that you consume more than 18 (2 boxes) per day. Flavor choices include chocolate, mint and peanut butter (all three were yummy but mint was my favorite).

Here is the breakdown: take two or three (depending on what kind of energy boost you may be looking for). Each gem contains 75mg of caffeine, 15 calories, plus B vitamins and amino acids. Now here is what makes energems different: unlike energy drinks they contain L-theanine, a natural supplement that improves focus and concentration and counteracts the jittery caffeine complications. Selling point for me: it does NOT contain Phenylalanine (an Aspartame ingredient) which is found in so many energy enhancers. These contain real chocolate (and who doesn’t like chocolate) with each dose similar to a cup of coffee.

To purchase energems, please visit http://energems.net/store/. They are also available on Amazon.com. They retail for $8.50 per three pack; buying options also run 6 packs, 12 packs and 36 packs.

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