GE X450 Digital Camera

I take on average 10 pictures a day – and that is on a day we didn’t even leave the house! I was super happy to view the GE X450 Digital Camera and put it to the test.

Part of the Power Pro Series, this 16 megapixel digital camera is lightweight and very easy to stow in your purse, diaper bag or overnight travel duffel. It has a 2.7″ LCD display and amazing shutter capability and continuous shooting – perfect for the possibility of your subjects being maybe “not so cooperative”.

Here is what came in the box: The x450 camera (color options are black and white), 4-AA batteries, USB Cable, Shoulder Strap, Lens Cover, CD Rom, User Manuel, Quick Start Guide and Warranty Card.

Did I mention it was lightweight and super cute?

By far after a weekend of putting it the test, my two fave features are the 25x zoom and the 24mm wide angle lens. These two provide the tag team awesomeness of really clear shots even if you are far away while getting the most out of a group shot. The 720p HD video option provides one button touch access to a clear crisp and defined video (my old camera required much more of a prep process which left me missing the moments I wanted to capture).

Since my kids are constantly on the move, one of my least favorite things about camera’s past has been the blurry action shots. The GE x450 has the solution with “object tracking” (on screen targeting and focus on fast moving objects) and “Optical Image Stabilization” for those unintentional movements (LOL) which still gave me clear and fantastic pics! “Face beautifier” auto enhances the subjects face by softening skin tone, and brightening and opening the eyes. “Panacapture” provides wide view panned shots perfect for a family outing shot or a gorgeous sky line or background.

Now this feature really got me excited: “EYE-FI” Compatibility: you don’t even need the connections and cables to instantly upload your videos and pictures. You can simply use a wireless connection and viola your favorite captured moments can go right to your apple or android device. Please Note: for this feature you will need a Mobi Eye-Fi card (can be purchased at and ranges in price from $49.99 for 8GB to $99.99 for 32GB.

The GE x450 retails for around $149.99 and is absolutely worth the purchase! For information and a list of retailers please visit GE.

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