Howard Stern Birthday Bash brings out Robert Downey Jr., Chris Christie, Jimmy Kimmel and more stars

Howard Stern’s 60th birthday may have been on Jan. 12, but that didn’t stop the radio shock jock from waiting to celebrate with friends and celebrities until last night. The Howard Stern Birthday Bash, which aired live on SiriusXM radio, certainly brought out the stars and was hosted by Jimmy Kimmel.

Stern and sidekick Robin Quivers sat at a desk set up on the stage at the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York City, while Kimmel showered him with praise.

“Howard Stern did to radio what Picasso did to visual art,” Kimmel said, reports USA Today. “He was the first. He is the best.”

Kimmel noted that the America’s Got Talent host is “the most self-absorbed person on the planet and we can’t get enough of him.” Then, he noted how the crowd was mixed with “Drunks, whores, stock brokers, stutterers, Oscar-winners, retarded people.” Only Stern could attract such a variety of faces.

The night also included several music stars who performed, like Jon Bon Jovi, Jewel, John Fogerty, Steven Tyler, Adam Levine and The Black Keys, notes The Associated Press.

Considering that the party was on the eve of the Super Bowl, it made sense that the event lasted as long as one, starting at 6 p.m. and continuing past the four-hour mark.

In addition to Kimmel, fellow late night hosts David Letterman, Jimmy Fallon and Chelsea Handler attended. Fallon got to show off his skills at impressions, doing Bill Cosby, Robin Williams and other comedians who weren’t there.

Other celebrities who attended were Robert Downey Jr., Tracy Morgan, Johnny Knoxville, George Takei, Barbara Walters, Jeff Probst, Larry King, Heidi Klum, Joan Rivers, John Stamos, Louis C.K., Kathy Griffin, Bryan Cranston, Sandra Bernhard, and Katie Couric. New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie even showed to toast Stern.

Stern, whose contract with SiriusXM ends in 2015, said that the night was “overwhelming.” “This is the most incredible night of my life,” he said.

image: NBC

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