Jesse Ventura files defamation lawsuit

Former wrestler Jesse Ventura finds himself embroiled in controversy again. This time it is surrounding a defamation lawsuit initiated by comments made by American Sniper author Chris Kyle.

According to the Associated Press, Ventura said, “It’s never been about money. It’s about clearing my name. It’s a lie.”

Ventura said that Kyle defamed him in the book, American Sniper. Kyle claimed that he engaged in an altercation at a bar with someone who named “Scruff Face.” He identified former Navy SEAL Ventura as “Scruff Face.” According to Ventura, this is inaccurate. Ventura filed a lawsuit that is continuing with Kyle’s widow, Taya.

Ventura is a charismatic figure, known to take on a tough challenge. He was the former governor of Minnesota, and is unafraid to speak his mind on a number of topics. He discussed the lawsuit on his new talk show, Off The Grid. Ventura’s radio show is on the digital network, Ora TV. Off the Grid is an online-only program, according to Reuters, and it features newsworthy stories from the opinionated celebrity.

Image: NBC

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