Justin Bieber’s ‘Baby’ hits record 1 billion Vevo views

Justin Bieber has been in the spotlight recently but not for his music. A recent arrest and protests about him moving to Atlanta have taken over the headlines but fans are still focusing on his music. Bieber just crossed a milestone his music video for “Baby” crossed over 1 billion viewers on Vevo.

Billboardreported that Bieber released “Baby” back in 2010 and it was his breakout single.

The “As Long As You Love Me” singer also is the youngest artist to ever cross this milestone.

Doug McVehil, SVP of content and programming for Vevo spoke about the accomplishment. “Justin Bieber’s ‘Baby’ music video reaching one billion views and 10x certified across Vevo is a huge milestone, both for Justin and Vevo.”

He went on to explain that both Bieber and Vevo have grown in the public eye. ‘Baby’ premiered across Vevo in February 2010, just two months after our platform launched. Four years later, Vevo is the number one music video platform in 13 countries on web, mobile/tablet and TV apps, and Justin is a household name. We really feel like Vevo and Justin have grown together,” said McVehil.

In addition to “Baby” Bieber has 11 certified music videos on VEVO which totals over 100 million viewers, Digital Spy reported.

Watch the music video for “Baby” here:

image: Wikimedia Commons

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