Octomom faces new welfare fraud charge

Octomom, Nadya Suleman, has received another welfare fraud charge. Her total debt is now at $26,000.

Octomom’s quick rise and fall from fame began when she gave birth to eight babies through in vitro fertilization. She had six other children before those, also conceived through ivf. She and her 14 children live in Orange County, CA.

CNN reported that Suleman plead not guilty to three other charges against her. She is due back in court on March 11 for the charges.

Octomom received much backlash after she released an adult video and performed at a strip club in Florida. In 2012, she said she would never resort to adult activities.

Her latest charge, filed Wednesday, reported that she earned $10,000 from Medical benefits. She also allegedly did not report her $30,000 in earnings to the welfare company.

We reported in January that Suleman was being charged with welfare fraud. She could potentially face more than six years in jail if convicted of the fraud.

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