‘Pretty Little Liars’ Recap: ‘Free Fall’

On this week’s episode of Pretty Little Liars, Aria found out about Ezra, Spencer’s drug problem hit a new low and Mona fell in like.

This was the best episode of Pretty Little Liars that I’ve ever seen. It had me on the edge of my seat the entire time. It was better than the Mona is A reveal and the Ali is alive reveal. The performances by the entire cast were stellar. This was the best episode.

Before I actually recap the episode, I have to give props to Ian Harding. I have complained about his random creepiness but he was excellent. Though, Lucy Hale gave him a run for his money. Aria and Ezra’s story drove the episode and it was perfect.

The episode began with Spencer waking up at school, at Ezra’s desk, in her pajamas. Ezra walked in and saw her. He tried to tell her that she needed help but Spencer simply fled. She ran to the bathroom where Hanna and Emily met her.
She told Hanna and Emily that they needed to tell Aria at school instead of after. She said that Ezra was dangerous and that they couldn’t wait. Obviously, the rational Emily and Hanna told her no because it would tear Aria apart.

Meanwhile, Ezra tells Aria about Spencer coming into school in the middle of the night. He also said that she had a previous drug problem that was so bad that her parents came to the school for help.

So, due to Aria telling Hanna and Emily, they decided to hold a Spencer intervention. Hanna was very frank. During the Spencer intervention, she went a little crazy. She told Aria, in rage, that Ezra was A.

Aria, obviously, didn’t believe her. Spencer admitted to the group that she did sleepwalk to school. She tells them that she has taken a few pills and when she is trying to walk away, spills her purse out.

Inside of her purse is a prescription pad with Wren’s name on it. The girls are shocked but Spencer continues to say that Ezra is setting her up.

Mona having dinner with Mike. I think Mona is really starting to like Mike. I don’t know if she is using him to get to Aria but she seemed to have real feelings for him. Ezra turns up at the restaurant that they are eating at. Mona says she can’t help him. He threatens her into it.

I like Mona and Mike as a couple, actually. As long as she isn’t using him, she seems to really make him happy. They have both had violent breakdowns. Remember when Mike hurt his mom’s arm and was stealing things? I hope that this is real.

Spencer tells Hanna and Emily that she can stop and gave them all of her pills. They also say that they need more proof to catch Ezra in the act. So, they plan to set him up at Ambrose Pavilion. Ambrose is an exhibit in the zoo so they plan to make sure Ezra knows that Ali is going to be there.

Although Spencer said she could stop, she ended up trying to call her doctor and refill her prescription as her mother. Well.

When Ezra is writing at Emily’s coffee shop, Spencer calls her and they fake tell her that they are meeting Alison at Ambrose.

Instead of doing the whole set up thing, Aria headed toward the murder cabin. She searched it. She found the room under the cabin but nothing was in there. When she was leaving, she saw a book on his counter, opening it up, she found a manuscript for a book about Alison.

As she was reading it, Ezra came home, so she ran, forgetting her keys. He chased her creepily. She finally got to the ski lift and Ezra jumped on there with her. He tried to explain himself. He even cried.

He said that he met Alison in college because she lied about her age. He said that he didn’t hurt her but knew she was alive. He said that he was writing a novel about her.

He said that he did know Aria when they met and that is why he got a job at Rosewood High. He was so interested in writing Alison’s story and he wanted to be the guy to break the story.

With the other liars, they have set up the A-trap. Ambrose Pavilion is actually an exhibit in the zoo. The exhibit? Snakes. Yuck.

Emily and Hanna set the coffee bag up and wait for Spencer to pretend to be Ali. Spencer was late and someone else (maybe Mona) showed up instead. When the girls tried to catch her, they got locked in and the lights started flashing and it was horribly scary. They got out with the money.

Mona showed up at Mike and Aria’s late to finish her date. As she was just sitting down, heartbroken Aria showed up. Mona tried to comfort her.

Spencer gets home late. Her mother and Toby are there. They’ve found out about her drug problem. Toby gives her a necklace and her mother confronts her.

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Do you believe Ezra is writing a crime novel? Is Spencer going to be OK?

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