‘Supernatural’ Recap: ‘Captives’

Something is causing the lights to flicker in the bunker. Dean calls for Sam and when Sam turns on the overhead lights and they start to flicker as well. He goes to Dean’s room but finds it empty. He then continues through the bunker, grabbing a nearby sword. The spirit manifests behind him but before Sam can act Dean shoots it with rock salt. The boys have a haunted bunker on their hands.

The bunker is warded against anything supernatural entering from the outside so the boys come to the conclusion that the spirit died in the bunker. And who’s the most recent person to die in the bunker? That’s right, Kevin Tran. Our beloved prophet has returned to the series.

While waiting for a sign from Kevin, Dean apologizes for not being there and being responsible for his death. While he’s apologizing the lights flicker and Sam comes running in. Kevin’s image begins to flicker in and out and he tells the Winchesters Heaven is closed and everyone who has died since the angels fell are stuck in the veil.

However, this is the least of Kevin’s concerns; he’s worried about his mother who he heard from a deceased spirit is still alive. The spirit, Candy, said she saw Kevin’s mother just a week ago before she died in the woods. So the brothers head out to make contact with the spirit.

While waiting to make contact with the spirit, Dean tries to get in touch with Crowley multiple times but he’s nto picking up. Finally, they make contact with Candy who tells the boys she along with Mama Tran were being held captive by two men in a storage locker facility. When Candy tried to escape one day the man killed her in the woods, but Kevin’s mom is still alive back at the unit.

So the Winchesters pretend to be FBI agents to take a look inside the closest storage facility. They find three units that are next to each other but separate from the rest of the storage facility. They also all three happen to be rented by the same guy who is apparently renting another unit on the other side of the property. Dean goes with the front desk worker Del to check out the lone storage unit and Sam goes to check the other three.

Sam gets one of the units unlocked and inside he finds Kevin’s mom shackled. While unlocking her the unit’s door relocks and we see Del watching the camera feed of the locker on his smart phone. Meanwhile Dean realizes he’s been led into a trap but Del knocks him out before he can do anything about it. Meanwhile, Sam and Kevin’s mom work on rewiring the door and Sam is forced to tell Mama Tran her son in dead.

Dean wakes up tied to a post with Del complaining about his partner in crime being missing. He was really excited to tell Crowley that he had the Winchesters but Dean tells him that Crowley has been hanging out with them for the past few weeks. This angers Del who starts cutting Dean but Sam shows up and knocks Del out. When Del wakes up they give the knife to Mama Tran and allow her to kill him. Once she does she orders them to take her to her son.

They all return to the bunker and the Trans have a heartfelt reunion. Mama Tran finds the object that is binding her son to earth, his father’s ring. Dean warns Mama Tran about what can happen to a ghost who stays on earth for two long but she wants to keep her son safe.

Before leaving, Kevin tells Sam he doesn’t blame him for his death and it wasn’t his fault. He also tells the boys to stop their stupid fighting and to get over it. They both agree but as soon as the bunker door shuts the boys go back to their separate rooms. Looks like the boys will still be fighting for a little while longer.

Meanwhile, Castiel confronts an angel who he thought knew of Metatron’s location. However, the angel hasn’t spoken to Metatron since before the angels fell and just wants to live with the humans in peace.

As Cas leaves the cemetery he is captured by Bartholomew’s followers, one of which used to be a follower of Cas during the fight against Raphael. The angels take Cas back to Bartholomew who wants to join forces with Cas in an effort to catch Metatron. Apparently Bartholomew has been tracking Metatron and thinks the angel from earlier knows something about his whereabouts.

He captures the angel and begins torturing him but he doesn’t know anything. Bartholomew wants Cas to kill him but Cas refuses and Bartholomew kills the angel anyway.

The two get into a fight but Cas doesn’t want to kill Bartholomew. But Bartholomew pushes Cas and so he is forced to kill him in order to leave alive. Cas isn’t pleased with what happened but he now has the respect of many angels and some followers of his own.

Supernatural airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. EST on The CW.
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