Taliban captures special forces dog, post video

A British special forces dog was captured in Afghanistan by the Taliban, who then videotaped themselves standing around the confused looking canine.

The Washington Post reports the video shows the men gathered around the dog as they show both it and weapons it was reportedly carrying.

The dog seems unharmed and even wags its tail during the video. The men also show off some rifles they say the dog was carrying.

One man in the video says, “Allah gave victory to the mujahideen! Down with them, down with their spies!”

The video was posted on a Twitter account that is known to post Taliban propaganda. Taliban spokesman Zabiullah Mujahid said the dog was taken in late December in a fight with U.S. troops near the Laghman province.

According to The Telegraph, though the dog was said to be captured while around U.S. troops, it is actually a British dog.

The timing of the fight coincides with one that involved a British operation, but neither the Pentagon nor the Ministry of Defence will comment on the actual operations.

“This dog was named after a colonel,” one of the men says. “It had a torch on it and its neck wore a GPS.”

image: Screenshot

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