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February 01 20:08 2014

English singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran has quickly become a household name internationally for his unique vocals and awe-inspiring abilities as a lyricist. With his debut album +, Sheeran captured the attention of the world with music that is painfully honest and relatable to others regardless of social barriers that exist.

Sheeran’s musical career began in 2005 with the then 14 year old recording his first album, The Orange Room EP. After spending a short while longer in school, at the age of 16, Sheeran left the path of traditional education and made the decision to travel U.K. to play various gigs and shows. It was by a stroke of luck that Sheeran eventually met American singer and actor Jamie Foxx in California and Foxx provided the means for Sheeran’s career to become what is today.

Following Sheeran’s confirmation that his sophomore album will be released in upcoming months, we’ve decided to take a look back at some of his best songs.

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10. Old School Love

“Old School Love” is a musical collaboration between Ed Sheeran and Lupe Fiasco featured on Fiasco’s 2014 album Tetsuo & Youth. In this song, Fiasco reminisces about his past with a sad longing, though it is the hook, which Sheeran sings, that ties the song together.

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9. Sunburn

From his debut album, +, “Sunburn” is a song that speaks of a lost relationship and a person’s struggle to see the person they’re currently with and not their lost love. However, as the song progresses, it is shown to be someone reminiscing about the person they’ve lost and their regret for their lack of effort.

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8. Lego House

“Lego House” is one of Sheeran’s well-known songs from his debut album. The song speaks of a relationship and one’s effort to continue trying despite how difficult things may be and the obstacles that may be in their way. The accompanying music video, however, seems to almost take away from the song’s powerful message, displaying obsessed fan obsessed with Sheeran, played by Harry Potter’s Rupert Grint.

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7. The A Team

As his first single from +, “The A Team” is likely Ed Sheeran’s most well-known songs. Since it’s debut, fans and other musicians alike have recorded countless covers of the song.

“The A Team”, despite it’s upbeat melody is actually quite sad. As the title states, it is about someone who is on the ‘a team’ which is a reference to class A drugs in the U.K., such as cocaine, heroin, or meth.

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6. Small Bump

Released a single from his debut album, “Small Bump” is a particularly interesting song from Sheeran. It is sung in the first person in the form of a message. Shortly after its release, Sheeran revealed that “Small Bump” is about the miscarriage a friend suffered.

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5. Drunk

“Drunk” is another song of lost love from Sheeran which is particularly sadder than the rest. It speaks of a desire to simply be inebriated rather than deal with the thought of never being loved as he once was by a certain person.

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4. Wayfaring Stranger

Released on the two track album One Take, Wayfaring Stranger is a cover of an American folksong which has murky origins. In this song, Sheeran sings with no background music or assistance, using only a recorder and his own voice for his background sound, showcasing his amazing vocal range.

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3. Give Me Love

“Give Me Love” is a song that speaks of a desperate longing for love and the accompanying music video displays this featuring actress Isabel Lucas as a lovelorn Cupid in search of the love she brings others. The album version of this song includes folksong The Parting Glass.

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2. I See Fire

From The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug comes the song “I See Fire”. After discovering Sheeran through his daughter and following her urging, director Peter Jackson asked Sheeran pen the song. As Sheeran had a deep connection to the book series on which The Hobbit series is based, he readily agreed and produced the song which appears at the end of the film.

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1. Kiss Me

“Kiss Me” is an honest love song from +. It’s an open, honest song that has quickly grown to be a fan favorite.



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