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February 25 06:48 2014

This week, Taco Bell announced that it would begin serving breakfast on March 27. The Taco chain is aiming to take down other fast-food chains that have become notorious for their breakfasts foods. Not only is Taco Bell’s food very affordable, but it is also it leads as the late-night munchies destination.

Taco Bell has some stiff competition to take down in order to become successful. Carl’s Jr. has a big selection of huge breakfast sandwhiches that resemble their monster-sized burgers. Jack in the Box also has a slew of breakfast choices that are top contenders in the breakfast business, including the Breakfast Jack.

Their biggest competition, however, is McDonald’s. The biggest food chain in the world has choices such as the Egg McMuffin and the McGriddle that make it irresistible to hungry morning people.

To celebrate Taco Bell and other fast-food chain breakfast choices, here’s a list of ten of the best breakfast foods they offer.

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10. Not long ago, Starbucks began including sandwiches on their menus. Their Bacon Artisan Sandwich, while big enough to sustain you until second breakfast, does not completely satisfy. Mostly due to its plastic-flavored cheese and artificial-tasting egg, the sandwich could use some improvements.


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9. Carl’s Jr. is known for their massive burger sizes, so a name like the Monster Biscuit is no surprise coming from the burger chain. The flaky handmade biscuit combined with the meaty ham, sausage or bacon choice makes this sandwich a breakfast comfort food.


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8. Though it’s not opened on Sundays to serve hungry churchgoers in the early morning, Chick-Fil-A still makes its mark on the breakfast market. It’s Spicy Chicken Biscuit provides that kick people need to jumpstart their morning. With nothing in it besides the biscuit and the chicken, make sure you ask for some sort of sauce on the side unless you enjoy a dry sandwich.

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7. Who doesn’t love a good breakfast burrito? Carl’s Jr. makes a bold statement with their Loaded Breakfast Burrito. Stuffed with everything that makes a breakfast, breakfast, it also has a chunky salsa to give it a nice kickin’ flavor along with a satisfying feeling.

Image: Wikimedia Commons

[new page = Subway Flatbread Breakfast Sandwiches]

6. Though not primarily a top choice for avid breakfast eaters, the new Subway Flatbread breakfast sandwiches make a healthy alternative to traditional meals. Subway allows customers to build their breakfast sandwiches from the ground up, much like the rest of their menu.


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5. For those who can’t choose between a burger and breakfast, Carl’s Jr. created the Breakfast Burger. It’s a sandwich on a sesame bun with egg, bacon, ketchup, hash brown nuggets, a burger patty and a slice of cheese all piled high, straight out of heaven’s gate. The burger could easily rival one of the burger chain’s best selling sandwiches due to its level of satisfaction and size.

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[new page = Breakfast Jack]

4. As probably the cheapest item on this list, Jack in the Box hit it out of the park with the Breakfast Jack. The super soft bun compliments the juicy ham and the melty cheese. This sandwich is also in the top half of the list because the egg actually resembles what a cooked egg looks like instead of a square piece folded in half.

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[new page = Sausage, Egg and Cheese Croissanwich]

3. The Sausage, Egg and Cheese Croissanwich from Burger King combine all the beautiful flavors of breakfast. The sweet and soft croissant goes perfectly with the maple sausage, fluffy egg and flavorful cheese. This is truly a combination of breakfast foods at its finest.

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[new page = McGriddle]

2. Though the McGriddle has more fat than a Big Mac, it is a small price to pay when such an amazing concoction is made. With syrup injected into the bun, this maple-flavored sandwich is one of McDonalds’ best items on the menu.

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[new page = Egg McMuffin]

1. Nothing beats the classic Egg McMuffin. McDonald’s breakfast is lead by this warm, simple sandwhich. The bacon, egg and cheese version is one of the tastiest on-the-go breakfasts you will ever have.

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