Top 10 ‘How I Met Your Mother’ episodes

February 13 22:15 2014

Sitcoms based in New York City with a quirky group of friends are no stranger to American TV. Seinfeld, Friends and Sex in the City—just to name a few.

On September 15, 2005, CBS’ How I Met Your Mother, on the other hand, brought a new kind of “funny” into the living rooms and homes of all the viewers. This sitcom is based around following actor Josh Radnor as Ted Mosby—architect, and his group of friends around their daily lives in the city. Barney, played by Neil Patrick Harris, acts as the well-dressed, mysterious player who is always ready for an adventure. Lily, played by Alyson Hannigan, is the artistic and sarcastic wife of Marshall, Jason Segal, the Minnesota native who is obsessed with football and becoming a lawyer. Last but not least, Robin, played by Cobie Smulders, is the news anchor from Canada who embodies every Canadian stereotype possible. Together, the main characters create a hysterical and relatable group of friends who always have a story to tell. But—let’s not forget what the show truly is all about. Most importantly, the show circles around the elongated and detailed story line of how Ted Mosby met his wife. Every episode opens up with Ted talking to his kids, recounting the story of how he met their mother— it takes a good nine seasons, though.

The show won nine out of 28 nominated Emmy Awards. With the nearing end of How I Met Your Mother, let’s take a trip down memory lane and recall some of the best episodes to date.

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10. How Your Mother Met Me Season 9 Episode 16

This episode is the only one without the traditional opening and happens from the mother’s point of view. This ranks as the tenth episode purely for ending most of the desperate wondering from dedicated viewers. We only find out snippets about the mother throughout the show, but never enough to be satisfied. We finally find out more about the mother and pieces are finally put together. We’re even taken back to specific moments in time that happened in the show, from ted’s perspective.

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9. How I Met Everyone Else Season 3 Episode 5

Ted brings a new girlfriend to the bar, but while telling the story to his children, he can’t recall her name and refers to her as “blah blah.” He and “blah blah” met online and seemed embarrassed to tell the group, so she made up a story about how they met. In order to escape the awkwardness, they all describe their own tales. This episode takes us back in time and shows us exactly how they all met one another. The premise stays the same, but everyone has a slightly different version of how it happened.

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8. Belly Full of Turkey Season 1 Episode 9

During this episode, Marshall and Lily head to Minnesota to spend Thanksgiving with Marshall’s family. In a satirical and semi stereotypical view on Minnesota natives, his family comes together to be quite comical. The Erikson boys are extremely tall men who always head out on the ice to play the family game, “bask-ice-ball.” Lily is thrown into his seemingly absurd family traditions and even takes part in making a seven layer salad, chock full of mayonnaise, gummy bears and funyuns. Lily gets herself in a frenzy when she doesn’t get along well with Marshall’s mother and states she doesn’t want to raise her child in Minnesota. This episode ranks on the top 10 list due to Marshall’s eccentric family and their customs.

This isn’t a video from the episode, but it highlights Marshall’s relationship with his father.

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7. They Playbook Season 5 Episode 8
Barney is famous for his different ways of picking up women. Even the most over the top lie can win him a date with a beautiful girl. Lily finds the “playbook” with all of his dating plays in it and becomes disgusted with what she reads. She foils his plans with a date and promises to post the playbook online if he doesn’t stop using it. At the end, it all comes together as another one of Barney’s elaborate plans and they all fell victim to participating in it.

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6. Intervention Season 4 Episode 4

This episode focuses on the group’s obsession of holding interventions for one another. They start having interventions, creating banners and writing letters for one another to a point where they have an intervention for everything including Marshall’s love for wearing silly hats. It becomes a bit serious, when Ted finds out his friends meant to have an intervention for him, about his future fiancé, Stella.

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5. Spoiler Alert Season 3, Episode 8

If you can’t count on your friends to tell you the ugly truth—who can you trust? We all have our quirks and in every group of friends, there is always that one thing someone unknowingly does to get under your skin. This episode highlights every characters small yet annoying flaws. Lily chews too loud, Ted constantly corrects everybody, Marshall is obsessed with singing everything he says, Robin misuses the word “literally” and Barney spaces out while people speak to him, speaks his sentences in falsetto and over uses catch phrases. After each quirk is spoiled for the group, it’s all they can focus on.

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4. Showdown Season 2 Episode 20
Barney’s home life is depicted as non-conventional. His mother is extremely promiscuous, his brother is a homosexual African American and they identity of their fathers remain unknown for quite some time. When they were younger, their mother told them Bob Barker was their father, so Barney grew up his whole life idolizing Bob and his TV show. Barney finally makes it onto The Price is Right as a contestant with one objective—to meet his dad.

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3. Swarley Season 2 Episode 7

At a coffee shop, the barista Chloe, draws a heart onto Marshall’s cup and laughs at his less than mediocre joke. Spoiler alert: At this moment in the show, Lily and Marshall are broken up. Ted insists that she has a crush on him, and when Marshal introduces her to his friends, they notice she has crazy eyes—a sign of mental instability. Despite the warnings, she then starts acting outlandish by breaking pictures of Marshall and Lily and showing her true insanity. Chloe writes Barney’s name as “Swarley”in the beginning of the episode and for the remainder of the show, they poke fun at it against Barney’s will.

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2. The Best Burger in New York Season 4 Episode 2

Everyone has that “hole in the wall” spot where they can enjoy one of the greatest meals ever. In New York City, there are gourmet restaurants and tons of food at your disposal. Sometimes, the hole in the wall places are the best. Marshall recounts the time he had the best burger in New York and the group of friends head out to find the specific place again. After trying a bunch of places, they finally stumble across the correct one. Regis Philbin even makes a cameo—he even participated in the hunt for the best burger.

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1. Slapbet Season 2 Episode 9
This episode ranks at number one for so many reasons. The show has long running jokes from the very beginning of the series. In this episode, two of those jokes come to light and make way for future episodes to touch upon them. As viewers know, Robin is from Canada and embodies a lot of Canadian stereotypes. Robin has been dead set against going to the mall and we finally found out why—she was a Canadian pop star, Robin Sparkles. Also, this episode marks the beginning of the famous “slap bet.” Barney and Marshall make a bet on why Robin won’t go to the mall and rules of a slap bet ensue. This continues on in the show, and slaps can happen at any time—leaving the viewers and characters on the edge of their seats. Since it’s number one, this post gets two videos.



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