Top 10 Worst Super Bowl commercials

February 01 18:41 2014

Super Bowl XLVIII is upon us, and that means that companies will be pulling out all the stops for advertising.

Super Bowl commercials are always a big event for America, and companies gain much exposure from the huge audience. However, the pressure is on. These groups have one chance to sell their product, and they have to do it in the most memorable way possible. Those couple seconds can make or break a company, and possibly someone’s career.

Many groups had done very well and have gone on to have a major boost in sales. However, there’s always a select few that don’t quite make it and wind up earning nothing but a tarnished reputation for terrible taste. Even though it is bad for them, viewers look forward to seeing how groups missed the mark.

In celebration of Super Bowl XLVIII, here is a list of the ten worst Super Bowl commercials thus far. Did you see any terrible commercials that did not make the list? Comment below!

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10. Miller Lite- “Evil Beaver” (Super Bowl XXXI- 1997)

Number 10 on the list comes from Miller Lite. Their “Evil Beaver” ad. I must admit, the commercial was funny, but really, who came up with the ad and what made the company choose to move forward with the idea? I guess they thought being random was the way to go. Although it had nothing to do with beer, it was very entertaining.

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9. Holiday Inn- “Bob Johnson” (Super Bowl XXXI- 1997)

This commercial shocked me,because I did not see the ending coming at all. I would’ve had the same reaction that Bob’s classmate had. Although it was shocking, it was actually kinda clever how they mixed it in with advertising for the hotel. There were groups that did not think that it was appropriate and the commercial wound up getting pulled.

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8.Just for Feet- “Kenyan Runner” (Super Bowl XXXIII- 1999)

Just for Feet took the number 8 spot with “Kenyan Runner.” This commercial almost seem contradictory to me. They’re trying to sell the shoes, yet the guy they gave the shoes to didn’t even want to wear them. Am I missing something?

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7. 7UP-“Mr. Squeaky” (Super Bowl XXXIII-1999)

I’m not sure if I even have to explain why this commercial was chosen for this list, especially if you’ve already seen the commercial. It started out as if it had potential, but then I just got really cheesy, and all I took from the commercial is that store owner did not tolerate theft.

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6.Groupon-“Tibet” (Super Bowl XLV- 2011)

This commercial comes in a number six simply because of how insensitive it was. I understand, Groupon offers customers the opportunity to spend less money, but the ad just came off as a really bad joke. It wound up being pulled because of the amount of people who were upset by it. Just watch and you’ll see what I mean.

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5.General Motors-”GM Robot” (Super Bowl XLI- 2007)

If I didn’t know that General Motors was behind this commercial, I probably wouldn’t even realize that it was a car commercial. After watching it, I honestly don’t even remember the cars. All I remember is the little depressed machine,because that’s what the ad was centered around; not the cars. This was not GM’s best work.

[ new page = ]”Gerbils” (Super Bowl XL- 2006)

Ok, I’ve watched this commercial numerous times and I’m still trying to understand why these people chose to shoot gerbils out of a canon. I get that they wanted something memorable, but is this not classified as animal abuse? However, watching other ads from the company, they never fired their advertisers, because their other commercials are just as….memorable.

[ new page = ]”The Worst Commerical” (Super Bowl XXXIV- 2000)

Number three goes to for their extremely simple commercial. It was kind of cool that they chose the simpler approach for their ad, but it backfired. It kind of turned out to be kind of lame,in my opinion. Also, it bothers me how these so-called “geeks” couldn’t figure out anything more interesting to offer than an 80’s-looking PowerPoint.

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2.Gatorade-”Man’s Best Friend” (Super Bowl XLII- 2008)

Coming in at number two is Gatorade’s XLII ad. I’m not really sure whether they were trying to appeal to humans or attempting to test out the possibility of an energy drink line for dogs, but either way they failed miserably. Did they not realize how annoying the sound of a dog lapping up water is?! Bad Gatorade, no treat for you!

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1.Snickers-”Mechanics” (Super Bowl XLI- 2007)

The worst Super Bowl Commerical Ever Award goes to…..Snickers! Thank you, Snickers, for allowing everybody to feel extremely awkward for 32 seconds. I can kind of understand where they were trying to go with this advertisement, but I think they overdid it just a tad. I’ll let you decide.



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