Alex Trebek clearly not happy when ‘Jeopardy!’ contestant gets easy hockey answer wrong (Video)

Alex Trebek knows that Magic Johnson never played professional hockey. Millions of hockey fans know that, too. But one guy who didn’t know that was a contestant on Jeopardy! and that really annoyed the Canadian host.

The answer given wasn’t even that hard and anyone with a novice knowledge of NHL history should have been able to figure it out. “100+ assists in an NHL season has been accomplished only 13 times, 11 times by this player.” Clearly, that’s an astonishing feat, so it’s easy to assume that the only person who could do that is the Great One, Wayne Gretzky.

Well, the one guy in the world who thought the question was “Who is Magic Johnson?” was on Jeopardy!. All Trebek could say in response was “Oh no…” Thankfully, one of the contestants got it right.

Yahoo Sports notes that the contested did do a ReddIt AMA to explain that he thought the answer said “NBA,” not “NHL.” He had some fun with his mistake, linking to a priceless photo of his face after he got it wrong.

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