Celebrities and comedians remember the late David Brenner

Comedian David Brenner passed away at the age of 78 on Saturday from cancer. He is best known for making over 150 appearances on The Tonight Show when Johnny Carson was host. The move helped make Brenner’s career.

He didn’t get into standup on The Tonight Show right away and actually worked for a short on over a 100 TV documentaries that examined poverty. When he finally did turn to standup comedy, he found himself spurred on after a booker for the late-night talk show told Brenner’s agent that he was no good. It took only two years after his first paying gig to make it on the air.

Some who knew Brenner from his time as a comedian took to Twitter to quickly remember and pay tribute. Comedian Richard Lewis (King John from Robin Hood: Men in Tights) posted a picture of the two back in 1979. A few others also took time to remember the man.

Comedian Richard Lewis shared a picture of the two back in 1979:

Whoopi Goldberg paid tribute to her friend:

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