Celebrity Birthdays, March 31: actor Christopher Walken and actress Shirley Jones

Actor Christopher Walken, 71, and actress Shirley Jones are celebrating their birthday, today March 31.

Christopher Walken,71

Actor Christopher Walken was born in 1943 in Queens, New York and is the brother of Glenn and Ken Walken. As a child, he attended the Professional Children’s School.

Walken is best known for his roles in Catch Me if You Can, Wedding Crashers, and Man on Fire.

He began his career in 1953 as Kevin Acton in the television series The Wonderful John Acton, and in 1977 he acted in Roseland as Russel.

Walken is also known for playing slightly unhinged characters.

He is the second person to be nominated for best supporting actor for Catch Me if You Can and Worst Supporting Actor in the same year as Country Bear.

The talented actor married Georgianne Walken in 1969, and the couple is still married.

Shirley Jones, 80

Actress Shirley Jones was born in 1934 in Charleroi, Pennsylvania.
Jones started singing by the age of six and started formal trained at the age of 12.

In 1955, Jones starred in her first movie Oklahoma!, and a year later she starred in Caroulsel.

In 1956, Jones married Jack Cassidy. She is the step-mother to David Cassidy, and the mother of Shaun, Patrick and Ryan Cassidy. In 1974, Cassidy and Jones divorced after years of abuse. Two years later, Cassidy died in a fire.

In 1977, Jones married Marty Ingels and the couple is still married.
Jones has starred in movies such as Gideon, Grandma’s Boy, and Carnal Innocence.

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