Celebrity Tweets: Sunday March 9, 2014

Sunday’s Twitter was full of its normal goodness. Some laughs, a few inspirational moments, and lovely randomness. Some of us, including Trevor Donovan, are struggling a bit with this time change. Meanwhile, Gabriel Macht shared a beautiful photo from his time with Project Wonderful in the Philippines helping survivors of Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda). It’s always beautiful when we take time to help one another. Beverly Mitchell shared some Bukowski wisdom on this lovely Sunday. James Franco is wishing you all a happy spring break, within reason. Henry Winkler and Jennifer Hudson shared their love of the UK. Kellie Pickler finally caught the culprit that’s been ruining her hard work. Rainn Wilson and Alyson Hannigan are rethinking/revamping some childhood classics, like naps and a Curious George. Finally, Josh Groban takes the cake on Sunday hilarity with his posts on wine-into-water, adorable sloths, and unicorn chasing. Enjoy the beautiful pictures and sweet ramblings of some of your favorite celebrities.

Gabriel Macht shared this beautiful and inspiring photo.

Agreed. Who could be mad at that cuteness?

Jennifer Hudson shared a fun little moment from her time in London. Quite a bit jealous.

Henry Winkler also shared his love for England. The UK really is an amazing place.

Beverly Mitchell shared some words to live by.

Such a fantastic idea from Trevor Donovan. An extra hour on Friday night is much more appealing. This time change is sure to make things rough for a few days.

Genius. Hilarious.

Naps can happen anywhere. Good to know, Rainn Wilson.

Hmmm…George apparently didn’t live up to his name.

Josh Groban shared some lovely hilariousness. Water into wine and a bit of laziness can’t be all wrong, right?

Then it was time to chase some unicorns. Extremely jealous.

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