Colleen Hoover- ‘Finding Cinderella’ review

Finding Cinderella is by New York Times bestselling author Colleen Hoover. This short novella is about the two minor characters from the Hopeless Series Daniel and Six. Despite this book being a companion to the Hopeless Series it can be read as a standalone.

The story takes place in high school as 18-year-old Daniel comes face to face with destiny as a mysterious girl stumbles into his life. Daniel is Dean Holder’s sarcastic, charming, and hilarious best friend. Daniel doesn’t take the relationship seriously and is all about having a fun, carefree life. As the school year commences, he realizes that the administration made a mistake on his schedule that left him with a free period.

Daniel hides out in the janitor closet everyday. One day his nap is cut short when a girl comes in crying. The girl falls on him and he is left in shock not knowing what to do. As he consoles the crying girl he tries to turn the light on, but she prefers to stay in the dark. The girl wants to leave her identity a secret because she doesn’t have the best reputation at the school.

The mysterious girl comes again to the janitor closet and they engage in a “make believe” relationship. The chemistry between Daniel and the girl is undeniable, but they part ways despite their feeling building inside them. Daniel never knows the identity of the girl and calls her “Cinderella.” Not knowing what she looks like, he never sees her again until maybe a year later.

Six is Sky’s best friend and she is back from studying abroad in Italy. Six has the reputation of being a sassy fast-talking “man-eater.” Six is not excited to be back to the school that cast a bad reputation on her. Life gets a bit interesting when she meets Daniel. There is a sense of familiarity when the two meet, and it eventually leads to a relationship. Daniel still wonders who his Cinderella is, but the thought leaves him when he is with Six. As the couple spend more time with one another they realize they have so much more in common than their circle of friends.

Colleen Hoover is absolutely a phenomenal writer. Finding Cinderella is a heartwarming and emotional book that will have you laughing, crying, smiling, and falling in love with the characters. It takes you back to high school all over again as it has you reflecting on the situations that shaped your life. I equally enjoyed everything about it- the characters, the plot, the writing, the humor, the romance – I just wish it were longer!

Finding Cinderella is a free download that can be found on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

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