DJ Cassidy releases ‘Calling All Hearts’ video featuring Jessie J and Robin Thicke

DJ Cassidy released his first single and video for “Calling All Hearts” featuring Jessie J and Robin Thicke, creating a dance-floor hit, complete with Soul Train-esque dancers.

Receiving an ultimatum from a woman is never easy. At the beginning of the heavily stylized video that’s exactly what happens to DJ Cassidy, when his woman tells him “It’s either me or the music.” Cassidy strolls into a hat store, where he is offered a hat. Soon as he tries it on, we are taken into a world in color, a light pink to be precise, where he and his band, perform the song with Jessie J. and Robin Thicke.

The 13 piece band in matching sweaters groove along with the tune as Jessie J is really the stand out and star of the video with her powerful vocals. Robin Thicke also gets in a verse, ditching the high falcetto for the smooth R&B vocal lines.

“Calling All Hearts” is the first single off of DJ Cassidy’s off of his upcoming album Paradise Royale. The new album, due this spring, boasts a heavy line-up of guests including Cee-Lo Green, Usher, Kelly Rowland, and Nile Rodgers, just to name a few.

DJ Cassidy is also out on the road with his “Calling All Hearts” guests, with Robin Thicke headlining and Jessie J and DJ Cassidy opening. Already in full swing, the tour ends in San Francisco on March 29.

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