EXCLUSIVE: Clair Reilly-Roe’s New Music Video “Knocked Down”

Pop singer-songwriter Clair Reilly-Roe takes another step into the indie pop music scene with her new music video “Knocked Down”, which is the next single off her current EP #CuddleBear, set to release June 3rd, 2014. #CuddleBear features six melodic tracks (five originals and one Serge Gainsbourg remake) that tell the stories from her personal experiences about the triumph or loss of love.

Clair Reilly-Roe’s new video “Knocked Down” was shot last October in Coney Island, right before the park closed for the winter. Footage from the video takes place in a variety of locations such as the boardwalk, beach, convertible, ferris wheel, and a roller coaster where she can be found alongside her reliable, life size, fuzzy co-star a giant moving bear. Her quirky lyrics and upbeat melody gives off an inspirational feel to a not so fortunate situation that took place in Reilly-Roe’s personal life. She sings about changing and letting go of past hurts and how love conquers all.

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