Former FBI agent Robert Levinson kidnapped seven years ago

Sunday is the seven year anniversary of former FBI agent Robert Levinson’s being kidnapped while in Iran.

Levinson, who had been secretly working for the CIA to spy on Iran’s nuclear program, was taken from Kish Island back on March 9, 2007. According to ABC News, Levinson has been held in captivity longer than any other American.

Secretary of State John Kerry issued a statement today, seven years later, stating that “the United States remains committed to the safe return of Mr. Levinson to his family.” He also asked that Iran’s government work with the United States to end this travesty.

CBS Miami reports that the White House has continually stated that Levinson was not working for the government when he was captured. However, in a statement last January, Levinson’s wife confirmed that he was working as a private investigator for the CIA at the time he was taken in Iran.

His family also wrote a statement Sunday, asking that Levinson’s captors show them mercy and send him home.

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