‘How I Met Your Mother’ Recap: ‘Gary Blauman’

Last week we found out Lily is having a baby and that explained why she was so irritable and eventually ran off to her boss, The Captains house instead of arguing with Marshall over Rome. In the end not only does it turn out Linus was bringing her water the whole weekend, but she in fact can keep a secret and that secret was her soon to be baby girl, Daisy. So Sweet!

Hours before her wedding, Robin has an additional unexpected guest, Gary Blauman. This sends her into an anxiety fit over where she can fit him in the seating chart; a task she hands over to Marshall.

This sets the stage for individual stories from the group going over why they hate or love Ted and Barney’s former GNB coworker. Ted votes to send Blauman home and so does Barney’s brother as we find out; Gary is who he had an affair with. However, Judge Marshall has the final say and that was that Blauman would get to stay due to the Brides Orders clause.

A running subplot in this episode named after the GNB coworker, was The Mother and Ted during their first stages of dating. Their very first date actually, in which Ted ends up walking around with her and recounting the story of Gary Blauman. It becomes clear how much Ted has grown from his past relationships. Instead of insisting why they’d be perfect for each other (after she decides she isn’t ready to date since she just got out of a relationship) he offers to walk her home and doesn’t profess his love for her (prematurely like old Ted) or steal any colorful instruments. And in the end, Ted even recognizes The Mother leaning in for a kiss instead of overanalyzing the situation.

The story of this last minute wedding guest was a nice way to tie up loose ends in the story of how Ted meets his wife. Ted explains the work that goes into keeping someone you care about around and how over time it’s easy to lose touch with people you used to spend a lot of time with. He summarizes where everyone from Ranjit to Blah Blah’s futures lead them all in one seamless take which was a nice surprise and a final bow to minor, but important characters in his story.

It feels like the end. Only 1 more new episode and then the final one! Here’s a little insight on the final table read from the cast. I thought this was sweet.

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