Jimmy Fallon leads late night viewership

Jimmy Fallon is beating out his late night competition since his Tonight Show takeover.

According to Yahoo! TV, his viewership is doubled that of his competitor shows. David Letterman and Jimmy Kimmel are averaging less than 3 million viewers per new episode.

Since he premiered as the new host for The Tonight Show after Jay Leno’s departure, Fallon’s viewer numbers have been exceptionally high since February. Though it is mostly due to the excitement over his new gig, he has proven to be a charismatic and interesting host.

Fallon has had the help of some of Hollywood’s biggest names to help make his new home show one to watch. Guests such as Lady Gaga and Michelle Obama have brought it a high viewership along with Fallon’s charming sense of humor.

In early February, we reported the end of Fallon’s previous hosting duties at Late Night. The show was then passed on to Seth Myers who starred on Saturday Night Live with Fallon.

Catch The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon on NBC at 11:30 p.m.

Image courtesy of NBC Universal

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