Lea Michele releases first solo album ‘Louder’

Lea Michele first became a household name when she stared on Glee and is ready to take her music career to the next level with Louder, her first solo album.

Michele takes the time to show her vocal range and really tell a story through each track on. She shows her natural ability to combine her Broadway influences with pop vocals and catchy choruses. Fans that are looking for some Glee influences can hear a few but mostly this about Michele letting her own personal story be told and connects with her fans on an intimate level.

The album shows a wide range from intimate ballads to fun and catchy pop anthems such as the first single, “Cannonball.” Michele shows her more mature and modern sound that is likely to do well on a variety of music charts. IT is clear that Michele has been classically trained but she isn’t afraid to try new things and step out of her Glee music box.

Fans will appreciate how honest and open Michele is throughout the entire album. The Glee star even opens up about her tragic loss of her boyfriend and Glee co-star Cory Monteith. She even recorded a song following his tragic death titled, “If You Say So.” The lyrics explain what happened in the few days following his passing and that the last words that the couple said to each other were. Michele sings, “You said I love you girl, I said I love you more, and a breath, a pause, you said, if you say so. If you say so.”

For her first solo effort Michele not only impresses but truly shines with this record. The music of Louder will make Glee fans happy and new music fans that stumble across Michele’s debut album will listen through track by track because it is truly a work of creativity and musical thoughtfulness.

Stand out tracks include, “Louder,” “Cannonball,” “Battlefield” and “Burn With You.”

Watch the music video for “Cannonball” here:

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