New Jersey woman speaks out about her attempted hit man hire

A New Jersey woman who is spending 10 years in federal prison for trying to hire a hit man speaks out in regards to her case.

Nicole Faccenda, 45, wanted to hire the hit man to kill her longtime boyfriend’s new lady.

“I was a woman destroyed by emotions and I am paying for it dearly,” Said Faccenda in an email to ABC.

According to Cliff View Pilot, the hit man that Faccenda thought she was meeting was actually an undercover officer. The entire conversation was recorder, as were their numerous phone calls. Despite her claimed suspicions that the hit man was a cop, Faccenda gave him a payment of two grand for the job and promised $18,000 more after the funeral.

“Your words are powerful weapons and you will be held accountable for them and it is definitely not worth it,” Faccenda wrote.

Faccenda said that she takes full responsibility for what she tried to do and wished she could take it back.

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