‘Pretty Little Liars’ Recap: ‘Unbridled’

On this week’s episode of Pretty Little Liars, Spencer continued to look guilty, Aria’s mom came back, Hanna continued to be amazing and Emily broke up with Paige.

Emily: When Emily and Spencer see Jason, he ignores them. Emily asks Jason why he ignored them. Jason said that he came back to help his mother. He tells Emily that his mother honestly thought that Spencer was the one that hurt Ali. You see, Spencer had a secret anger problem. More on that later.

Emily confronts Paige about telling the police. Emily says that Paige wasn’t trying to protect her, she was trying to get back at Ali. Paige disagrees but leaves. Later in the episode, when Emily is clearly rushed, Paige says that Emily was right. She was trying to get back at Alison. So, they break up. But, with everything else that happened in the episode, it kind of got lost in the details. Either that or I don’t care what happens to Paige at this point.

I’ve never been a fan of the Paige/Emily relationship. I always thought that Emily belonged with Maya (RIP) or Samara. So, when Paige and Emily broke up, I wasn’t very upset about it. Actually, I was a little glad. Paige never treated Emily properly. Remember when she tried to drown her in season one? Remember when she picked Emily up when Emily was seriously drunk? Yeah, I do.

I’m sure Emily and Paige are going to get back together soon but, for now, I will definitely enjoy watching Emily not have to report her every move to Mean-Paige.

Hanna: Can we please talk about how amazing Hanna is? Although I miss Caleb and Ravenswood, Hanna is even better off without him. Plus, nice guy Travis is a great love interest for Hanna.

Speaking of Travis, it seems to Hanna that he didn’t the date went well enough to give it another try. When Hanna asks him out again, he seems to give a lame excuse that he has plans and is too busy to talk to her.

When Ashley, Hanna’s mom, finds clothes in Ali’s size in Ali’s room, Hanna decides that they need to sneak into Ali’s room and look for an address where she might send the clothes. To get into Ali’s room, Hanna signs them all up to be bride’s in Mrs. DiLaurentis’ bridal show.

When Hanna shows up at the bridal show, Travis is the valet! (Who knew they let high school kids do such important jobs?) He says that doing the bridal show was his plan. When Hanna needs him to distract Mrs. D, Travis does it for her and they kiss. Aw…

Hanna and Emily run upstairs to investigate Ali’s room. They find something in their closet and Emily hacks into a computer and email. Then, Ali calls them and says that she will tell them everything!

Aria: Aria is still hurting from her breakup. When she’s talking on her phone with her mother, she finds out that Ezra quit Rosewood High. On a turn of things, Ella returned home. She and Aria fight. Aria says that Ella was a bad mother for just leaving and spending the entire evening talking to Zack.

By the end of the episode, Aria is happy for her mother again. Ella is engaged to Zack.

Spencer: Can we change the title to The Spencer Show? Because really, everything is about her. Spencer is having serious issues because of the drugs and her memory and everything. If this were ABC Family, I’d use the hashtag #PoorSpencer.

When Spencer and Emily are in the car, Spencer gets a note from A. It is a strip of faceless pictures. It says, “You know me Spencer. You killed me.” Weird. Gross. Stop it. Ah!

Spencer is torn because her mother won’t tell her about the summer before Alison went missing. But, it turns out that Spencer had a big problem. She was either horribly mean Spencer or kind Spencer. She even went as far to hurt her sister. Alison knew about this because she walked in on Mrs. Hastings cleaning up one of the fights between Spencer and Melissa.

Her mother fires her alcohol and drug advisor, Dean, because she caught the two sleeping next to each other. But, as Dean says goodbye, he tells Spencer that Jason couldn’t have been at rehab because the rehab facility that he was in actually shut down two years ago.

When Spencer was at the bridal shower, she believed that she saw Alison in the woods. So, bridal gown and all, she ran through the woods. She gets trapped in a bear trap. (Seriously, I can’t make this up.) Then she runs inside to find the girls. When she opens up her dress, there are finger bones and a note from A. The note says: ““What will you do when the rest of me comes out of the grave?” Again. Yuck. Gross. Stop it!

Side Thoughts:

-The cops are digging up “Ali’s” grave because Holbrook thinks that the bodies don’t match.

-Mrs. DiLaurentis is buying clothes for Ali and telling the cops that Ali is actually dead. Wouldn’t she be happy that there is a possibility that her daughter is alive?

-I’m loving Detective Holbrook. He’s not a dirty cop and actually cares about the truth. Plus, he isn’t a total creep like Garret or Wilden (RIP).

-In a flashback, Mrs. DiLaurentis told Ali to fight fire with fire. She said if Alison was being bullied then to bully back. No wonder Alison is so horrible.

-All though Ali says that she will tell them everything, we know that she’s a liar. So, whom can we really trust?

Next week is the PLL spring finale? What do you think is going to happen?

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