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March 07 18:33 2014

Queen has announced that Adam Lambert will be joining their upcoming North American concert tour. The tour will include 19 dates in the United States and will kick off June 19 at the Chicago United Center. The tour will conclude at the end of July.

This is a musical pairing that has been long overdue and fans are excited about Queen teaming up with Lambert. Lambert is known for his over the top musical style and his incredible eyeliner. He was first introduced to the musical world when auditioned for the Fox reality show, American Idol. Lambert had a fresh look and an incredible vocal range, which shocked the judges and audiences at home. Even though Lambert did not go on to win his season of Idol, he is one of the more successful Idol alumni today.

In honor of this larger than life musical announcement by Queen, is counting down the top ten Adam Lambert singles. From “For Your Entertainment” to “Shady” these songs have helped to make Lambert the musician he is today. Did your favorite not make the list? Comment below and add your favorite single from Lambert.

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10. Shady

Featured off of Trespassing, “Shady” was a more modern single off of Lambert’s sophomore album. The song has a wide variety of influences that range from glam rock to Michael Jackson.

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9. Runnin’

Another single off of the 2012 album, Trespassing was “Runnin’.” This song showed more of Lambert’s lower register, which was a surprise for fans. The lyrics are catchy and the instrumentals that help to frame Lamberts vocals had a strong pop influence that fans became attracted to.

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8. Marry The Night

Lambert is adding another line onto his resume as a guest star on the popular show Glee. Lambert performed “Marry The Night” for his first big solo number on the show and impressed Glee fans and his own fan base with this cover that would make mother monster herself proud.

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7. Cuckoo

On his 2012 album, Trespassing, Lambert was not afraid to experiment with instrumentals and created a quirky and modern sound that matched his vocals well, this experiment resulted in the highly popular single, “Cuckoo.”

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6. Trespassing

Trespassing is an upbeat and fun single off of the album with the same title. This became an instant fan favorite.

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5. Never Close Our Eyes

Lambert’s 2012 album, Trespassing, showed a wide range of musical creativy from the singer. “Never Close Our Eyes” was a more pop and dance driven track, which is what fans, had been used to. It was catchy, had soaring vocals and featured Lambert’s glam rock personality.

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4. Better Than I Know Myself

The first single off of Trespassing was “Better Than I Know Myself,” which showed a more serious and polished side of Lambert in the music industry. What is impressive about “Better Than I Know Myself” is that Lambert put his soul into this record and it can be heard and felt in every note and lyrics that is played during the three minute track.

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3. For Your Entertainment

Lambert has made a name for himself with being over the top in his performances and when he took the stage to perform his latest single “For Your Entertainment” he shocked audiences but also left his fan base extremely pleased. Lambert has never been afraid to be himself and will always express who he is through this music.

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2. If I Had You

“If I Had You” is a dance/pop driven song that was incredible catchy and did well on the charts. Lambert has always had a playful personality ever since his days on Idol and “If I Had You” is a song that allowed Lambert to show off that side of him and his astonishing vocals.

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1. Whataya Want From Me

“Whataya Want From Me” is one of the most popular singles from Lambert and has been played over 17 million times on Spotfiy alone. Lambert allows his vocals to slowly tell the story of the lyrics and shows the power behind what he can do as a musician.

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