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March 10 02:49 2014

Ashanti returned to music this week with the release of her newest album, Braveheart>. Since 2008, the R&B songstress has not released an album; much to the dismay of fans everywhere. In 2013, she finally released a single of her then-forthcoming album with anticipating fans reaching for more. On the album, she collaborates with Rick Ross, Jeremih and other famed musicians as she created her fifth studio album. Throughout her career, she has always kept her signature sound: R&B vibes along with a laid-back beat and smooth lyrics. She has created many hit singles as a solo artist and by the side of another musician. Take a look at ten of her biggest hits that shot Ashanti to the top of the charts and into the stardom she deserves. Her talents are highlighted from singles ranging from her first release all the way up to Braveheart.

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10. “Happy” was the second single off Ashanti’s debut album. It had a late 90s feel, despite being released in the early 00s. It had an ironically “Happy” vibe throughout the song and reached number 8 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

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9. A darker song from Ashanti gave her a whole new personality. The song “Only U” is about having one special person, but the song’s dark tempo creates an almost angry feel despite the songs otherwise happy lyrics.

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8. One of many collaborations with Ja Rule, “Always On Time” became a hit single for the pair. This became Ashanti’s first number one single on the Hot 100 chart.

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7. The video for “Rock Wit U (Aww Baby)” shows a sexy Ashanti playing and dancing on the beach. This arguably became one of Ashanti’s hottest videos and most successful songs.

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6. “Unfoolish” was the second part of the successful “Foolish.” In this version, she sings about catching her man cheating and not staying with him after. This created a great little saga from Ashanti that will forever be remembered.

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5. Off her latest album, “I Got It,” featuring Rick Ross, was released as the second single. The smooth R&B track shows the power of Ashanti’s vocal and how she is able to hold her own with big artists like Rick Ross.

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4. “Baby” became a successful single for Ashanti. The song’s slowed-down tempo was very inviting to listeners. The video showed a sexy Ashanti next to a pool late at night with shots of a couple happy in love.

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3. Ashanti’s heartfelt single, “Never Should Have” had an amazing video to accompany it. The song is about letting a relationship end and having regrets. The video featured a same sex couple, which gave the song much attention as Ashanti showed her support for equality.

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2. “What’s Luv got to do with it?” Though the question was never answered, “What’s Luv?” by Fat Joe and Ashanti still got people singing along. Ashanti always collaborated with the big dogs and it somehow always worked perfectly.

1. If one song could sum up Ashanti’s fantastic career, it would be “Foolish.” No other song compares to this emotional ballad about getting cheated on. This song will forever hold a place in the hearts of R&B music.



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