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March 19 00:42 2014

It has been four years since the tragic death of actress Brittany Murphy, who starred in movies such as Clueless, Just Married, and Girl, Interrupted. In December of 2009, Murphy tragically passed away from a combination of pneumonia, anemia, and drug intoxication. She left behind multitudes of fans and films that will forever keep her memory alive on screen.

Today, news broke that Murphy’s final film, Something Wicked, would be released in Oregon on April 4. As earlier reported, the Facebook page for the film announced the film would be shown in theaters not only Oregon, but also in Portland and Seattle, eventually.

Murphy left behind many credits to her name and she has even sung in some of her movies. Her talent is a lasting memory in the hearts of her fans and this new film will give fans a chance to see her talent once more on the screen. In honor of Murphy’s memory, and with the news of the upcoming release of her last film, is counting down ten of her top movies. Don’t see your favorite? Comment below!

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10. Falling Sky

In the trailer below for the 1999 movie Falling Sky, Murphy is shown playing the role of Emily Nicholson, a young woman whose mother is an alcoholic. While the movie is somber and deals with heavy topics, Murphy does well in her role as one who is trying to go through life while dealing with family troubles.

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9. The Groomsmen

The Groomsmen is about a groom and his friends going through life weeks before the groom marries his pregnant girlfriend, Sue, played by Murphy. The movie is a sweet story about friendship, but also love. Murphy, with her hair long and dark, is beautiful in this movie.

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8. Little Black Book

In this movie, Murphy stars as a woman who finds her boyfriend’s little black book and begins going through it to find out about his former flames. This scene shows Murphy’s character, Stacy, in a coffee shop with a barista played by rocker, Gavin Rossdale.

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7. The Ramen Girl

Cultures clash in The Ramen Girl, a film in which Murphy’s character, Abby, is left stranded in Tokyo and decides to become an apprentice to a ramen chef. In this clip, Murphy and the Japanese chef experience frustration with one another since neither can understand what the other are saying, to an extent.

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6. Just Married

The trailer for the film Just Married shows Murphy’s character, Sarah, a rich girl who ends up marrying Ashton Kutcher’s character, Tom, who is more of a partier. The movie is a comedic take on learning to adjust to married life, especially when members of different classes come together.

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5. Riding in Cars with Boys

In this film, Murphy plays the role of Drew Barrymore’s best friend, Fay Forrester. In the film, Barrymore’s character, Beverly, becomes pregnant after having sex with her boyfriend, and must come to terms with her life as a teenage mother. This scene shows Murphy’s comedic performance, in which she enacts the possible reaction of her friend’s parents to the news of the pregnancy.

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4. Happy Feet

While we may not actually “see” her, we hear Murphy’s voice as she plays the role of the penguin, Gloria. In this film, Murphy shows off her singing talents, as seen in this clip of the song “Boogie Wonderland.” This is an entertaining, fun kid’s movie, as well as a lasting audio clip of Murphy’s singing talent.

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3. Clueless

In the 1995 hit film, Clueless, Murphy’s character, Tai, is a plain Jane, who is chosen to be given a complete make over by popular girls, Cher and Dionne. This film was one of the ones to introduce the world to Murphy as an actress, and the clip below shows her pre-transformation look in the movie.

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2. Don’t Say a Word

In this movie, Murphy is often remembered for her line, “I’ll never tell.” Her character, Elisabeth, suffers from posttraumatic stress disorder and has a secret, which she won’t tell anyone. Unfortunately for her psychiatrist, Dr. Nathan Conrad, a thief kidnaps his daughter in order to make Elisabeth reveal information he wants to know. The trailer below gives a glimpse of the type of acting Murphy displayed in the film.

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1. Uptown Girls

In this film, Murphy plays Molly, a young woman who becomes a nanny for an 8-year-old girl, played by Dakota Fanning. Despite the ages of the two, Molly acts like a child while Dakota’s character, Ray, acts like an adult, mostly since her mother is never around. The film shows them coming together and teaching each other how to act the way they are supposed to. The clip below shows them meeting for the first time.



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