Top 10 Kesha unreleased tracks

The artist formerly known as Ke$ha (she recently dropped the dollar sign), is known for a lot of things; She wears blue lipstick, was the female unaccredited voice in Flo Rida’s “Right Round,” and is now known for being a survivor of bulimia.

The 27-year-old “Timber” songstress recently just got out of rehab after staying in the Chicago facility for two months. Since her leave, she has been seen sporting a “Ima survivor” sweatshirt and recently announced that she dropped the dollar sign from her name in order “to be taken more seriously.”

But before her claim to fame with songs like “Tik Tok,” “Your Love Is My Drug” and “Die Young,” the glittered performer was a struggling songwriter writing demos for singers like Britney Spears, Miranda Cosgrov and Miley Cyrus.

After researching the dozens of songs Kesha has written throughout the years, in honor of her newly changed and inspirational journey is counting down our favorite top 10 unreleased Kesha demos.

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10. D.U.I

“Dancing Under the Influence” or “D.U.I” is a classic Kesha song heard for its pop influenced and metaphorically written dance track. Involving her love for alcohol, she relates her love to the substance very similarly to “Your Love Is My Drug” off of her debut album Animal.

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9. VIP

Probably written during her party days, “VIP” is a smooth pop track that talks about her life as a VIP at the club. Complete with a catchy chorus full of foul language, this would have been a great track for her first album. Unfortunately for fans it didn’t make the cut.

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8. Disgusting

Originally written by Kesha for herself, this track eventually ended up on Nickelodeon child star, Miranda Cosgrov’s, debut album Sparks Fly. The lyrics were changed a bit to fit Cosgrov’s style but any Kesha fan can agree that the original demo is much better. Good try, Miranda.

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7. Get In Line

Even though Kesha grew up in the country south, is known for pop music and performed with American rock stars like Iggy Pop, she also used to have a hip-hop edge. In “Get In Line,” the beats to this particular track have a much edgier hip-hop influenced vibe. It wouldn’t surprise us if a hip-hop star or rapper joined in on this one for a duet.

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6. Goodbye

“Goodbye” is a sad, sweet breakup song with no auto-tune. In this demo, we can really hear Kesha’s range and raw voice, which is really beautiful. It’s nice to hear her without the auto-tune morphing her voice into something it’s not.

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5. Want U Bad (featuring Travie McCoy)

Travie McCoy paired up with Kesha for this possible 2011 demo. A song that sounds like most of the songs off of Animal, this would have been a great one for her and the Travie fans out there because the duo sounds great together in this fun, upbeat song.

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4. Shots on the Hood of My Car

A song that sounds a lot like “C’mon” and “Die Young” combined together. This track is the anthem to Kesha’s life; partying, friends, drinks and her car. We all know she loves her gold Trans Am.

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3. Paris Hilton’s Closet

Kesha’s animals all know the story of how she threw up in a very famous and expensive closet. When the songwriter was trying to get her big break, she would sneak into all the hottest Hollywood celebrity homes and party with them. One night she drank a bit too much and ended up throwing up in socialite Paris Hilton’s closet. Hence the song, “Paris Hilton’s Closet.”

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2. Dirty Picture Part 2 (featuring Taio Cruz)

Taio Cruz released “Dirty Picture” with Kesha off his debut album. However, what many people may not know is that Kesha did the female version of this situation singing about how she wants a dirty picture rather than Cruz.

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1. Booty Call

“Booty Call” is a fun, typical Kesha song that shows female empowerment with a catchy chorus. This pop star is known for her “thinking like a man” ways and this is definitely another one for that list.

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