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March 02 20:37 2014

Today’s the day! The 86th annual Academy Awards airs tonight on ABC. Tonight, we will find out if Leonardo DiCaprio will finally win an Oscar, who is wearing what and what Ellen DeGeneres has in store for viewers as the host of the prestigious show.

Degeneres hosted once before, in 2007. Like always, she brought laughs and personality and proved that she is one of the most charismatic, liked people in the entertainment industry. This year, she will be hosting the show for a second time. Be sure to expect much more of her witty jokes and her irresistible charm.

Apart from DeGeneres, many other well-known entertainment celebrities have also served as an Oscar’s host. Ranging from actors to comedians, the Academy calls for someone who will definitely make an impact for the show. Here’s a list of the top 10 people who have taken the reigns and guided the Academy Awards from start to finish in a remarkable and memorable way.

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10. Douglas Fairbanks served as the host for the first ever Academy Awards. Though the show was not televised, nominees and attendees alike showed up to take part in the one of the biggest award shows ever. He was one of the founders of The Motion Picture Academy and a well-known comedic actor.

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9. Though Fred Astaire never won an Oscar, he did get nominated in 1975 for Best Supporting Actor for his work in The Towering Inferno. He hosted the Oscar’s in 1951. He is best known for his work on Broadway as a singer, dancer actor and choreographer.

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8. Oscar’s superstar, Bob Hope takes the crown for most times hosting the show. He hosted the Academy Awards a whopping total of 18 times. If someone is asked for a hosting gig that many times, he is obviously doing something right. He first hosted the show in 1940. His last time hosting the Oscar’s was in 1978. Between those two time frames, viewers and attendees got to see one of Hollywood’s most beloved actors bring life to the show.

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7. Controversy constantly follows Family Guy creator, Seth McFarlane. His inappropriate references on the show have always earned him a bad reputation among people, but its not to say he is not funny. He was tapped as the Oscar’s host in 2013. Though he said he would never do it again, his attempt at keeping his jokes very subtle was actually very believable.

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6. Actress Whoopi Goldberg hosted the Oscar’s four times with her last time being in 2002. She brought charisma and personality as a host while also bringing laughs. She is currently a co-host of The View

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5. Frank Sinatra left one of the biggest legacies of music behind after he passed away. His unique music touched the hearts of people all over the world. Sinatra served as host for the Oscar’s in 1963 and in 1975. He even won an award in 1953 for Best Supporting Actor, showing his range of talents from music to acting.

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4. The musician-actor ratio of hosts for the Academy Awards favors the latter, but that didn’t let powerhouse singer, Diana Ross stop her from taking the gig. She, along with Burt Reynolds and John Huston, served as one of three hosts for the 1974 Oscar’s, showing that the Academy Awards maintains a well-rounded spectrum of hosts.

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3.Three-time host, Steve Martin has been a well-known actor and comedian for most of his career. He first hosted the Academy Awards in 2001 and then again in 2003. The last time he hosted was in 2010. Hopefully he is brought back within the next few years to grace the Oscar’s as host.

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2. Who doesn’t love Ellen DeGeneres? Over the course of her career, she has served as the voice of one the most well-known fish in the world, had a hilarious sitcom, and now hosts her own daytime talk show with ratings through the roof. DeGeneres will serve as the Academy Awards host for the second time after having host duty back in 2007.

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1. Nothing beats the chemistry between two great actors coming together to serve as co-hosts. James Franco & Anne Hathaway served double duty as hosts for the 2011 Academy Awards. James Franco brought his undeniable charm while Anne Hathaway brought in her poised sense of humor giving the Oscar’s one of the best hosting gigs of all time.



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