Top Ten Recent Alternative Songs

From listening to the radio, checking the Billboard chart, and iTunes most popular songs sold I complied a list of the top alternative rock songs.

The genre alternative rock emerged in the late 1980s and early 1990s as emerging artists used the moody, dark and rebellious sound to show off their non-conformist attitude. Nirvana is noted for bringing this genre to mainstream world with their album Nevermind.

Alternative rock has also been referred to Indie rock because of the experimentation of sound as artists today incorporate in their music. Different types of music such as pop, punk, rap, and R&B now influence alternative rock. is counting down the top ten alternative songs that include “Demons” by Imagine Dragons to “Team” by Lorde. Did your favorite alternative songs not make the list? Comment below and add your favorite.

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10. Fitz And The Tantrums: “ The Walker” is off their More Than Just a Dream album. This is the follow up single to “Out Of My League” and has a new wave 80’s rock beat. It is an upbeat pop single that shows the unique and individuality sound of alternative rock.

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9. Foster The People: “Coming of Age” is off their Supermodel album. It is a fun pop track that requires more of a listen than their single “Pumped Up Kicks.” “Coming of Age” gives us an idea what to expect from their album and their eccentric sound.

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8. American Authors: “Best Day of My Life” is off their Oh, What a Life album. It is a catchy pop rock single that will have you singing along with the chorus. Zac Barnett, the lead singer, has a rustic and unique sound to his voice, which gives the song an edgy vibe.

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7. Phantogram: “Fall In Love” is the title track from their Fall In Love album. The electronic rock duo mixes the elements of hip-hop with sultry vocals.

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6. Cage The Elephant: “Come A Little Closer” is off their Melophobia album. With Matt Shultz, lead singer, gritty vocals and psychedelic rock beat, makes “Come A Little Closer” a solid rock ballad.

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5. The Neighbourhood: “Afraid” is off their debut album I Love You. It is the follow up to their smash hit “Sweater Weather.” “Afraid” has darker and edgier feel with its riveting beat and raw explicit lyrics. The band is known for their black and white aesthetics, and soulful tracks as they mix the elements of hip-hop and pop into their music.

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4. Imagine Dragons: “Demons” is off their Night Visions album. It is a softer song compared to their hit single “Radioactive” that explores the concept of self-image. It is a powerful and moving song that is easily relatable.

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3. Arctic Monkeys: “Do I Wanna Know?” is off their AM [LP] album. It is a moody single that oozes sex appeal and represents the punk rock sound.

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2. Bastille: “Pompeii” is off their debut album Bad Blood. “Pompeii” is constantly played on the airwaves. The opening cheery chants of “Eh Eh Oh Eh Oh” sets off a cheerful vibe that will have you singing along with the chorus.

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1. Lorde “Team” is off her debut album Pure Heroine. It is the follow up to her break out hit “Royals.” “Team” has a demanding hook with the mix of hip-hop, electronic and hand clap beat.

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