Amazon finally announces set-top streaming box, Amazon Fire TV

After months of rumors and speculation, Internet retail giant Amazon finally confirmed that it will be releasing its own set-top streaming TV device. It is called Amazon Fire TV and will be marketed as part of the Amazon Kindle family of devices.

The Amazon Fire TV will be a sleek, small black box, no taller than a dime, and will run with a special OS, reports TechCrunch. It will include 2GB of RAM, which is two to three times more than competing devices like Roku.

Its remote will also be small, with just seven buttons and a click-wheel to navigate. Content is supposed to start the second you hit play.

According to The Wasll Street Journal, Amazon has not unveiled the pricing for the product yet.

The set-top box has been widely expected, with rumors going back to October and February. It means that Amazon will now be competing with Roku and Apple TV. The streaming TV industry is building rapidly and would make a major leap forward if Apple’s deal with Comcast happens.

The Fire TV box will not have only Amazon Instant Video content. HBO GO, SHO Anytime, Pandora, Hulu, ESPN and Netflix will all be available at launch.

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