Happy Throwback Thursday! Today, some of your favorite celebrities took a blast from the past by sharing some old photos of themselves and others. Some may make you cringe, others may make you laugh, but all of them provide fans with a look of how their favorite celebrities have changed over the years.

In this set of photos we see a young Paul McCartney, as well as a young Cee Lo Green and Katy Perry. Rapper Eve shares a photo of a moment she shared with another powerhouse singer. Kelly Rowland looks back at a music video shoot. Donnie Wahlberg looks back on his model pout. Perez Hilton shares a photo from 2009 with two familiar faces. Soccer player Hope Solo looks back on a Gold medal win, and Elizabeth Banks sits back and reads the paper. Nicole Hilton shares a photo of her and Paris as young kids.

Today I bring you some of the best celebrity throwback Thursday photos.

Paul McCartney

CeeLo Green

Katy Perry


Kelly Rowland

Donnie Wahlberg

Perez Hilton

Hope Solo

Elizabeth Banks

Nicole Hilton