Deadly tornadoes hit Alabama and Mississippi

A chain of tornadoes in the U.S. Southeast forced residents from their home and left many without electricity on Tuesday morning.

Severe weather began hitting the suburbs of Little Rock, Ark., and Oklahoma on Sunday. Tornadoes have moved along to Alabama to Louisville. Cars have been overturned, and over 28 people have died so far.

Firefighters linked hands and waded through an areas hit by the storm. In Louisville, a tornado caused water damage. An emergency room at a medical center was evacuated. Dr. Michael Henry, head of the emergency room, told the Associated Press, “We thought we were going to be OK then a guy came in and said, `It’s here right now. Then boom … it blew through.”

In other communities, buildings have their roofs taken off and power lines have been knocked down. In Tupelo, a community in northeastern Mississippi, Police Chief Bart Aguirre said crews specially skilled to access emergency have been checking houses and damaged buildings, according to Reuters.

In northern Alabama, two are dead in a tornado that hit Athens, according to Limestone County Emergency Director Rita White. Rescue workers are still searching for victims who might be trapped.

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