FBI investigated sexual assault claims, Bryan Singer never mentioned, accused

The FBI reportedly did investigate sexual assault claims put forth by Michael Egan years ago, but sources close to that investigation say that no finger was ever pointed at Bryan Singer.

According to multiple sources who exclusively spoke with TMZ, the claims made back in 1998 about underage sexual assault were investigated. Egan accused three men and sued them back in 2000, none were Singer.

The sources close to the investigation say that the assault claims made by Egan did help when bringing criminal charges against Marc Collins-Rector, but during that investigation, again, the X-Men director’s name was never mentioned, nor did it come up.

Egan claimed this week that when he went to the FBI back in 2000, nothing ever really happened, which the FBI has vehemently denied. A spokesperson told TMZ, “The FBI takes seriously allegations involving the sexual abuse of minors. The suggestion the FBI ignored evidence concerning the sexual victimization of a minor is completely without merit.”

Egan has accused Singer of sexually abusing him several times while he was underage both in Hawaii and once in California. The director’s attorney Marty Singer, no relation, said that they have proof that refutes Egan’s claims about abuse in Hawaii.

Singer said that the director was working on the first X-Men film at the time and has phone records, credit card receipts and production schedules to help back up Singer’s side of the story.

“This was Bryan’s first studio film,” Singer’s attorney said. “Clearly he’s not going to take a break in the middle of this movie while you’re shooting and prepping it to go to Hawaii.”

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