Hammock and Palms Polarized Bamboo Sunglasses

With spring here and summer arriving, get Mom and Dad a gift they can use this Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. Hammock and Palms polarized bamboo sunglasses combine eco-friendly bamboo, UV protection and fashion.

The glasses frames are made with 100 percent real bamboo. After harvest, the bamboo stalks are boiled for three hours to give it incredible strength, and then pressure treated and flattened. The bamboo frames are so incredibly light they float! You’ll never lose a pair of sunglasses in the water again.

The polarized lenses found in Hammock and Palms glasses are made with a seven layer composite. The first layer reduces glare, the second and third layers are for bonding and resisting harsh environments, and the all-important fourth and fifth layers protect your eyes from the sun’s UV rays. The sixth and seventh layers provide shock absorption, further increasing the glasses durability.

Hammock and Palms offers two collections of sunglasses:

“Island Drifters” Collection: 100% Natural Bamboo

All frames in this category are made with real bamboo. Everything but the polarized lenses and spring-loaded hinges are bamboo. As such, no 2 pairs are identical. Each piece of bamboo has it’s own naturally occurring patterns and grains. The same characteristics that make our natural bamboo sunglasses unique, also make them beautiful. Rest assured that you will own a pair of sunglasses that are truly unique to you. They are available in natural bamboo tones or shades of blue, brown, or black.

“Sand and Sun” Collection: Two-Toned Sunglasses

Add a splash of color to your sunglasses selection! While only the arms of the sunglasses in this category are bamboo, the vibrant frame color options will provide you with a great looking pair of sunglasses for any occasion. These Two-Toned Bamboo Sunglasses come in white, black, teal, blue, red, and tortoise.

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